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Sad death of The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.

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Our Queen has ruled for almost my entire life, I cannot imagine how hard it will be since losing her husband.  I have a strange sense of foreboding about the future, I cannot put it into words it is a little like losing your parents.

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     As a Canadian, the monarchy has always been a part of my world and life as well.

     Prince Philip was always the calm steady rock in the background, and carried himself with dignity and class.  

     It would be nice to think that society and the media could emulate him and rally their support around the Queen when she needs it most.

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Peering at a fuse box in a Scottish factory, he said: “It looks as though it was put in by an Indian.” He later backtracked: “I meant to say cowboys.”

...I remember well the media beat up outrage at this infamous Prince Philip quip - but the deft recovery reported a few days later made it all the more infinitely hilarious - an absolute classic!!

He was a great irreverent wag - the Queen will miss that for sure!

End of an era HRH.


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Condolences to Royal Family and our British friends.   As an American, I've gotten some appreciation of respectful leaders over the last 4 years.   Some moral authority to absorb  the shocks, if you will.

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He shook my hand once. I was about ten or twelve, it was during a visit to Australia for some occasion or other. I took my own son to see him and the Queen on their last visit here a few years ago. I'm no royalist but it was obviously likely to be the last chance, and there's a real sense of an era ending. RIP. Not a perfect man but definitely a remarkable one.

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Yes, not perfect but real.  Over the last week we have heard so many stories about him, yours adds to it.  They say Democracy is not perfect but the other systems are worse, perhaps the same could be said of Monarchy.

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