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Very good, and thanks for quick re-enlightenment!  

Thought about it, and I’ve got 5 of those starter switches now on bikes that are in my “sphere of wrenching” (in my shop or my sons garage).  Only one currently has the PITA factor right now of being in need of some cleanup, thanks to some good clean living....   But I thought i recalled last time i pulled one of those starter switches apart that a thing or two came shooting out. But either it wasn’t that bad or maybe I’m thinking of something else.  

Red had the “wiggle the bars” symptom when i first bought her and was enroute cross-country from OK, and you lightened my load by chiming in with that good advice in near real time to make that issue very short lived!  Quick fix back then, then followed up with a good fix back at home, and all good.

Now that you mention it, I’m assuming Goldie has the clutch pull safety feature jumpered.  I’ll inquire from my amigo who I bought it from, and who is still talking about buying her back.   

Will run through all this soup-to-nuts next winter with the Greenie sitting in the shop, awaiting some TLC.  Lucky Phil got me some good intel on best options for painting the nylon tank, then will do the usual Italian wiring system complete “makeover”.

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