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A well-grounded approach

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The old Odd-I-See has taken a dump. No amount of amperage, Young Frankenstein electrical theatrics or pleading can  bring it back. Therefore, A Yuasa YTX15L-BS has taken up residence. Got the fresh bottle of DeoxIT out and gave the veritable plethora of cable terminals an alcohol bath, followed by a bronze brush scrub-up. Then Deoxed both sides of everything.  You know how those ground problems can be so vexing. While giving the terminals some love, I noted that someone, somewhere was a little generous with the insulation. Funny that it was the ground side, since everything red is hanging out in the open, waiting for a shorter than usual circuit. Gave it a trim and now all cables seat solidly. 


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I spent about 10 minutes looking at various threads about batteries- then just went to the local and got the stock Yuasa as well.  battery tech has improved in 20 years, but.. if it works it works.  


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The Yuasa 'made in USA' are, i believe, made in the same factory as Hawker Odyssey's.

My 2008 Stelvio's day one factory original Yuasa battery was still perfect when i sold the bike last year, no special treatment, no trickle charger just luck! 

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