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The One Show 2021

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Somehow they managed to hold The One Show this year despite all of the restrictions. Limited crowds just meant you had more room to look at bikes.

My brother and I were analyzing the Cafe Sport and got to talk to the owner. He lives south of Portland (I have a feeling there were more local bikes than usual this year). He said the bike was quite corroded when he got it (I assume it came from the coast) and he took it apart. Well, he did a damn fine job putting it back together. I need to find an abandoned Cafe Sport just to steal the suspension off it. I hope he sees this post and provides more details.

I'll post a few photos and then provide a link to the photo dump.















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Ah yes, the Triumph Tiger Cub. A nice little bike with a Babbitt bearing connecting rod as its Achilles heel. I would suppose that modern oils have helped out. 

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For some reason little bikes like a Cub draw a crowd. 

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Great pics, thanks. What a fine collection of motorbikes.

Interesting observation about the Cub drawing a crowd. Restoring small bikes takes about the same amount of work as larger bikes that command higher prices when finished. So IMO, the small bikes represent true passion, where the vintage desmos and MVs might be seen as investment-grade restorations.

Also, a lot of people start our on small bikes, so there is a personal nostalgia factor. My first bike was a Honda CB350-Four. I always look fondly on them when I see them.

And... small bikes are fun. Like that saying goes - "It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow." My Yamaha TW200 is actually a lot of fun - if you're not in a hurry.

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