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2000 V11 Sport -- Silver Red Frame

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Hello All,

It is with sadness that I am selling my 2000 V11 Sport. It's a good bike. It is running well. I just don't ride it much these days and want to clear out some space, and not let it simply gather dust.


It's just shy of 13K miles. It has a Roper sloppage pate installed. As well as an upgraded reg/rect unit. I've adjusted the acorn transmission nut and the transmission shifts without misses. 

Only issues are the Veglia tach indicates wildly and will need repair or replacement (was like this when I bought the bike), there's a leak from the transmission that drips onto the x-over, and the left bar end is loose and fastened with some friction tape inside the bar. 


I'd like to sell it to someone who knows about these bikes and won't chop it out or otherwise destroy it. Open to offers from people from this forum. The bike is in central Los Angeles.


Also includes a TPS breakout harness and rear stand.

$4000 OBO





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3 minutes ago, jetboy said:

nice deal!  Mine from the same year has 43k+ miles so that is basically a freshly broken in steed!

Right? Very original early RedFrame Sport. Looks very nice! :thumbsup:


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Thank you! I'm hoping it can go to one of the fine caretakers on this board. Such a fun bike, I just never have the time to ride it anymore.

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