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Later tanks and ethanol

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8 hours ago, docc said:

If I could have just one other Moto Guzzi . . .


I've seen very few early V11 tanks bubble their paint, and that is usually low on the "panniers" where the moisture would accumulate the most. The worst have been those V11 with extensive "decals" clearcoated onto the tank paint (Rosso and Nero Corsa). I'm not sure what those decals are (polyehtylene sheet?), but they certainly trap any outgassing that might otherwise work its way out of the tank material and its paint.

My original tank was 2003, and the worst I have ever seen, the PO was using a leather bagster cover for a tank bag. Not sure that was the cause, leather being somewhat breathable. I guess it's luck of the draw

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9 hours ago, footgoose said:

seems like a fair price. that's a 'before' liner photo?

No, that's after. And this is a completed pic:


I have all the parts I need to install it now, so that'll be the next project.

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I was thinking between the lining and carbon, that tank shouldn’t move. I also bought a roll of Teknofibra 4mm flexible thermal barrier to line the underside since you can’t get the factory stuff anymore. Besides this is much better and probably overkill but it’s okay. I don’t care.  I try to stick with top tier fuels (Shell V Power) and run a mix of that and 110 race fuel.

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