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Oil light on after oil change

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Now , if you are going to use one brand of oil filter , find a "cup" that fits it and tighten your filter with it EVERY time  You are going to have to develop an "aircraft maintenance" quality method and workmanship . If not , you will end up disappointed and have a 800lb. piece of junk 

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On 6/6/2021 at 3:33 PM, docc said:

This ("finger tight") is how I recall being told to install canister oil filters on the American motors in my early days.

  NOT best method for the Moto Guzzi, as Pete points out !

Some years back, member Ryland3210 did some respectable investigation on the deformation of oil the filter gaskets after initial contact. He came up with 1 1/8 (one and one-eighth) turns past contact. I found this significantly tighter than I would ordinarily tighten a filter, but has served me well over my Sport's miles (5,000 mile oil changes/ WIX filters).

Never had one come off and only stuck one: once. <_<

There was a class action law suit against Honda for the filter orientation on Elements and CRVs. You can barely see the filter boss from undeerneath and some filter gaskets were sticking during changes. Oil squirted around the double gaskets and onto the adjacent exhaust header and many vehicles burnt to the ground.  All because the quick lube dude (or SAE-certified Honda tech) did not check to see if the gasket came out with the filter.

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BTW, @red lion, what was the brand of filter that lost its gasket? And how many miles between filter changes?

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This happens more often than you need to know . Check the old filter when you remove it and check the surface where the filter mounts . 

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