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Resistance fuel level sensor

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I read somewhere about fuel level sensor resistance should be around 1 Kohm when covered in fuel. (cold) My sensor measures 6.4 Kohm when covered in fuel. Has anybody made the measurement?

Is there hope - or is it fried?

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6.4kΩ will certainly keep the light out! The question  is whether the resistance will drop enough to light the bulb when the sensor is uncovered by fuel and it warms up (?)

I do see that Kiwi_Roy measured the cold resistance at around 1 kΩ :


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As mentioned, the key to the fuel sensor is it has enough resistance when covered in fuel (kept cool) to prevent the low fuel light from lighting. As long as there is enough resistance, it really doesn't matter how much there is. When it is exposed, uncovered, its resistance goes down and it can flow enough electricity to light the low fuel light.

It is a really simple circuit. Besides testing the resistance of the sensor you can confirm that applying 12 volts to the rest of the circuit will light the low fuel light.

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