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Importing a motorcycle to the US


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1 hour ago, gstallons said:

Well , this 10 wants only YOU

Until the heads need a rebuild...then finding parts will test Indiana Jones, and test Monty Burn's bank account to somehow pay for it to be done correctly.

This isn't like owning a CBR1000RR or CBX 1000. All of the bikes listed before require a personal assistant to locate parts when something major goes South, which it will. All machines break. That is the only thing giving me pause or I'd have a bevel 900SS right now instead of 5 "common" bikes.

Just a case of bikes out of my wallet's league. 😆

Again, I envy someone who has an OHC Guzzi Daytona...but let's not overlook the commitment and patience necessary to keep one.

Expenses only START once you buy one. It doesn't end.

I'd only feel comfortable owning one if I pulled 100k USD+ a year, because I would want to ride it, not just stare at it in my living room like the fine Italian art that it is (but I certainly would!).

Nor, would I even let it see rain.


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