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Phone holder/wireless charger.


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I have been looking for a good solution to wireless charging my phone whilst using it as a dash/satnav. 

After much research I found this unit from available on Amazon has plenty of good reviews, a few YouTube videos about it and was cheap but not cheap enough to be horrible.

It uses the Ram ball mount, and comes with a variety of options, but I bought an M8 threaded version separately to go in the stem cap without having to drill anything out.

I used an expanding anchor with this, which spreads as you tighten but drops back when undone, it doesn't permanently deform.


Gif: https://i.imgur.com/QKhL9t3.gifv






I soldered into the sidelight terminals inside the headlamp bucket and ran cables in a sleeves out to the headlamp multiplug. Then up to some waterproof female bullet connectors for when it's not in use.

The Qi charging is not likely to blow the circuit, it runs off 5 watts minimum.

This mount also has a waterproof USB out for secondary charging, like a GoPro or another phone if you get stuck.

The metal parts of the mount are stainless steel, and there is a one touch clamp, and then an easy (in gloves too) squeeze top and bottom to release.

It feels solid so far;  I've used it over a few 100 miles with no issues, it comes with an extra rubber web to secure the phone if you need it.


Also added my red led backlights (+3bhp), led sidelight and headlamp h4 bulb.





Headlight has a front mounted fan and heatsink, so no extra bulk in the bucket.

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Hah. I have now. That's why I did some research first. This one is solid, there is also a fail-safe if the main clamps failed.


PS the phone is not connected to a network, just GPS/WiFi.


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