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Moto Guzzi V100


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More pictures released.

can't be bothered trying to copy them.


I can't believe they've managed to make something so hideous! The V85 was bad enough. This thing looks like??? I dunno? A grab-bag of every styling disaster from most manufacturers in the last 30 years!

What was that awful thing Ducati made? The TL 650? It looks like one of those that's been stuck in a pencil sharpener and sprayed with silage!

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Looks more like a Piaggio child with an Aprilia grandparent  - not a lot of DNA apparent in this great grandchild of Guzzi.

Not a worthy effort to celebrate a century of Guzzi!

Plasticised & scooterised meh. 

Still, it’s a little better than those pics forming my first impression.

 I said, a little - as in marginal.

Enough, to test the new liquid cooled platform. Hope springs eternal.

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1 hour ago, pete roper said:

VA 10 was 80* I think. While I think this new engine owes little to the VA 10 I could be wrong.

Apparently the VA 10 vibrated so badly they could barely keep it on the test bench. That would never fly, not then, not in 2021.

I recall 75deg is as far as you can go without a balance shaft in a Motogp engine anyway. If it's around that in a road bike it'll need a balance shaft. Lets see if my protractor and scaling off an image is right.


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6 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

My protractor also tells me it's not a 90 deg Vtwin either. Probably a 75 or 78 deg V. So balance shaft as well most likely.



Any guess about valve adjustment?   :whistle:

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18 minutes ago, pete roper said:

My guess would be shim and bucket as that is the usual Piaggio MO.

My thinking too.  Might not be convenient for owners 300 miles from the dealer.  I know the Beemer RT requires the cams to come out for adjustment and the interval is 12k miles.  And it's not just skill for DIY-er, also need the shim kit.  I know that there is a national rental service available for the Ducati valve adjustment kit (not factory), with tools and consumables, and even video instructions.  I think the rental period is like 3-4weeks(?), the shipping, rental and consumable costs are deducted from the deposit.  

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