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Harper's Moto Guzzi Tune Up 

Hello friends and clientele of Harper’s Moto Guzzi,
below is an update from Owner, Curtis Harper.
Well, it certainly has been a long time since I have been able to get anything sent out about the status of Harper’s Moto Guzzi. I’m happy to say that even with as many challenges as we have had the last year or so, we are still here every day answering the phone to assist you. As we have made it thru, we have also made new commitments to improve our services.
The first thing that I am really excited about is that I have finally found someone I am comfortable with to help us get up to speed with the website and making your experience mush easier and more enjoyable. Earlier this year, our site crashed due to a massive change in our hosting company. I initially thought we had been hacked, however it was the evolution of technology that was the culprit. We got things bandaged back up and have been limping along in search of someone who may understand what we need, and most importantly what helps you enjoy your motorcycle in whatever way you need.
Our first goal with the new site and the new folks helping us out starts with improved communication. Based on the fact that our internal operating system was written before Al Gore ever invented the internet, we have not had a way to keep up with all the notifications on tracking and backorders and such the way we should. And yes, finally we are going to join the rest of the world in being able to do that. Also, on hand quantities are going to be active. This may take a while to reconcile every number, location, and stock levels but it is a priority.  And of course, being just as serviceable on computer, tablet, or phone.
Another thing that I wish to address is component quality. I know that there are less expensive choices on a lot of parts. There is quite often a good reason for that. I strive to only offer top line parts. Chinese or third world country parts are most often just not worth the risk. Things like bearings, brakes, shocks, and other parts likes this are just not something we will be offering. At times, there may not be an option on certain items, and even at that, if I am not comfortable with it, Harper’s will not sell it. We have never been the discount capital of the Guzzi world, and we won’t become it now. We will continue to provide the best options for reasonable prices.

We will also be keeping up better with emails updates and specials.  As we have been doing inventory to try to make the numbers right for the new site, we have been coming across a lot of hard to find or obsolete parts and will be notifying existing customers of these parts first thru these emails. So, make sure you stay on the list.
And just as you would change dealers if you didn't like the way your motorcycle was being serviced, we are changing hosting companies this weekend, so you may experience slight changes and updates to what you see on the site as we achieve a better online adventure for you! 

We look forward to a very bright 2022
Curtis Harper  

Starting off your Christmas season right for your Guzzi enthusiast, we have located a nice quality baseball cap in RED or GREY for just $14.95

Also don't forget to browse our t-shirts and other moto Guzzi personal accessories in our

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Hey FG, tks for posting that.

Are you going to do likewise on WG?

I'm glad to see Harpers taking the right steps to move their business forward.

When I was completely clueless, and a newbie guzzi owner, I luckily placed my first phone call to Harpers. Curtis patiently and kindly took the time to walk me through the basic essentials of what I should be doing, to take the best care of my 30 yr old, new to me guzzi.

I'll be forever in Curis's debt.

I'll have to search out and get on that email list, I've seen some of the special parts and deals he's come across in the past.

tks very much.

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I wasn't planning on posting anywhere else.

I bought my Tenni new from Harpers in '03. A great shop! I try to get what I need from them but it hasn't always been "easy", at least by my definition. I'm glad to see the restructure.

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I agree, I've been stung in the past ordering a big bulky "in stock" item and filling the box up with little items I didn't need to help with the high International shipping costs, and ended up without the item I really wanted.

When Curtis recently canvassed for information to improve their site & business, I mentioned that carrying the good black wire reinforced valve cover gaskets (Valopini sp?) would be nice.


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Their website, the current one too, is a "dog's dinner".

Hopefully, they will give it the uplift it needs so you can actually search it properly. I tried yesterday, and it was really cumbersome. Nowadays, making one's own website is no longer an ordeal with the tools that exist. And if you don't want to bother, it is cheap to have it done by someone else.

The biggest issue with a website, is maintenance and sustaining, as he describes it in his narrative.

I know that "old school" people often neglect that aspect, but it is really important since most of the business is now happening online.

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