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Happy Thanksgiving!

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It's good to occasionally stop and be thankful for what we have, but this holiday is a based on a fictionalized version of a non-event. 

400 years ago (it's the actual 400 year anniversary this year) the remaining members of a 10,000 year old culture that had already been depleted by 90% due to European illnesses had dinner with people who would be renamed Pilgrims 200 years later. By that time, the Pilgrims and their descendants had murdered or isolated the rest of them. 

The winners write the history books... I suppose many of us in the USA and Canada can be thankful for our current lifestyles and the privileges that come from descending from the winners, but I am not proud of that heritage. (FWIW - I can trace my family history back to the 1600s when my ancestors left England for what is now New England).

So yeah... let's all stop and be thankful today. But let's not perpetuate the bullshit thanksgiving origin story and pretend that European settlers were good in any way for the native people of North America.

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Yah, along with the history of the holiday relative to the US "Civil War" can take the shine off what, otherwise, represents a joyous occasion.

Yet, the concept of harvest celebration is sound. And rather universal.

With thanks comes hope.

Best wishes to all of you.


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43 minutes ago, docc said:

Yet, the concept of harvest celebration is sound. And rather universal.


I'm down for celebrating solstices, equinoxes, and various harvests. Today I harvested a bunch of Mexican Pink Guavas from a tree in my backyard. Thankful for fresh-made guava juice. Gonna see family later today, thankful for them too.

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Thanks are appropriately given to someone, for something received. Having survived three simultaneous cancers, and a stem cell transplant, I give thanks to the God who inspired that first Thanksgiving, even if I am not of the same Christian denomination as those first celebrants. Gifts are gifts. Thanks are thanks.

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