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Is Mikes' choice a good alternative to a classic bike?

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9 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

It's called gettin old:) A Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor is the best choice available today to a "classic bike" I know I'm like a broken record but seriously it's a classic bike without the expense or hassles.   


I have been to the Royal Enfield dealer in Houston, I will make a specific post about it.

The dealer  offers both Triumph and Royal Enfield among a slew of Polaris trikes.

Now, are you aware that both Norton and BSA are going (allegedly) to have new models available for the purchase in 2022?

In particular the BSA Gold Star.

Norton has chosen to attack the top end market, and compete with the likes of Ducati. But they should eventually come up with a Norton Commando later on.

I have never ever forgotten to deploy my kick stand, but I have dropped the Le Mans by being presumptuous about my physical strength. Kudos to him though, as he could pick up the bike by himself, even if not using the best technique. I personally had to cry for help to get the Le Mans upright, even using my legs...

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