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Remarkable Houston Texas Motorcycle dealerships roster;


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Iron Supply Motorcycles Katy, Texas.

I wanted to create a topic to showcase the "lounge" type dealerships and motorcycling gear which are the norm in the USA. When I was living in Europe, the dealerships were mostly impersonal, mostly set up strictly for business, and not exactly rolling the welcome wagon. Hopefully, things have changed. I remember the signs, "don't touch the motorbikes", "don't seat"... the surly sales assistants, huddling in a corner and shooting the breeze while ignoring you. I am not saying all Motorcycle dealerships here are friendly, but while doing my Motorcycle Tour of Texas, I had the opportunity to see many in various Texan cities.

And I am certain the dealers in Europe are no longer what they used to be when I was there.

In any case, I decided take some photos of what is available around here.

Iron Supply deals Triumph and Royal Enfield bikes as their main bill. They are extremely friendly, and helpful about just anything.



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


The Lounge!

_DM35626inside out view


On Saturdays.....




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Local OKC Eurotek dealer (triumph, beemer, duc) often did a Saturday chili, burgers, breakfast, donut thing.  Hosted a pizza party for the Ducati club dinner once too.  No cook outs since Covid.   Hopefully, they'll get it back in gear.  There are no Ducatis in stock now and other brands have limited models.  

I'd think a bar and grill integrated into a motorcycle shop would make a lot of sense.  They could still be separate business separated by glass and business hours.

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On 12/13/2021 at 4:16 PM, bbolesaz said:

Unfortunately, here in Arizona, the once local dealerships are being taken over by the Ride Now group or local business guy and Go Daddy CEO Go AZ dealerships. Gets suckier every day. 

I got a whiff of unprofessional dealerships where I purchased my Le Mans in Florida. After asking all the questions via email, and getting positive answers, it turned out my bike was not road ready. I found this the hard way, on the day I popped in at the dealership ready to bring it back to H'town. It turned out they had never checked the bike, let alone inspected it. They played the card "we did not know" and you signed a "no warranty" release.

Big difference with those dealerships I visited so far here, in Texas.

I never gave much thought about those that are saying things are different in Texas, because you cannot really paint anything with a broad brush like this. I must admit though, that I am yet to find unfriendly Motorcycle dealers here.

I don't know if it is Texas, but so far, I have been nothing short of being impressed.

Iron Supply (pictured above) is a pop and mom shop. They are moving to larger premises in March. They are getting two Triumph Speed Triple RR red towards the end of January this month.

I told them I would check the RR out, and they already offered me a test ride. Unsolicited. I told them the Red color had a great power of attraction on me.

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