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DSB 07 - Oil Sensor Fault.

Chris Wilson

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Hi all,

         I have a Bellagio that very frequently shows the above fault.

To date it has never amounted to any real fault and once cleared it randomly comes back perhaps twice a week to haunt me, and even if not cleared it can go away on a restart.

I have 5 different brand sensors that I have swapped out over the years and they all give the same readings.

I have also redone the wiring to the sensor and to my mind it is rock solid.

My conclusions to all of this is that the sensor, being a simple binary switch, gets fouled with contaminates in the oil and the appendix that it sits in exacerbates this.

A simple removal and flush with kerosene sees a longer period until the next "Oh my God, its the red Oil Can of Death" catches your eye.

In fact the warning system proves so false I see no real use for it other showing max pressure with DSB 08 Oil Pressure Fault.



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