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Eliminating the Speedo Drive from the Transmission Case


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On 2/16/2022 at 8:25 AM, Rolf Halvorsen said:

Send me a mail (rolf.halvorsen@mail.com) and I will send the picture to you.

Then you can do this for me. (Thats why we have friends.)

@Rolf Halvorsen's struggle with posting images is not new.

While a hosting site is ideal, here is a tutorial on creating an "Album" and posting images from "Gallery" . . .


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On 2/14/2022 at 10:34 AM, KINDOY2 said:

Just FYI, If anyone is looking for the stock set up......these work very well on the V-11......this seller usually has them..ships fast




While I sort out the details for the Speedhut set up I went ahead and ordered a replacement angle drive from this eBay vendor. It was inexpensive compared to the few others that I had seen, fast shipping between San Jose and L.A., and it’s the only one that I saw that had the screw down collar and flange built into it. The Ducati drive that I found that supposedly works is just the plastic elbow and interior plastic worm gear, and the one on MG Cycle looks like it has a screw down plate. This one with the flange and collar is like the one that was originally on my bike. Anyway, I epoxy coated the disk bit, installed, and the speedo is back, albeit still sans the trip meter.
Thanks very much for the link to this part. He looks like a good parts source.




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