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Speedo / Tach Bulbs


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This may be overthinking it, but is there any heat or load problem with running 4w bulbs in the V11’s Veglia speedometer and tachometer? I don’t find a wattage spec in the manual for these bulbs, but the parts catalog shows 12v3w bulbs. The closest to that at my local auto parts store is 12v4w. I know it’s not much of a difference, but I have heard that speedo parts are pretty sensitive to bulb heat. The previous bulbs that were in there and failed were LED’s with no markings.

Are there better LED alternatives that you have had success with? Amazon has a bunch of dome light / dash light 1.5w LED bulbs for cheap, like 10 bulbs for $10. Any luck using these? I’m guessing that 1.5w LED may be gentler with heat if that is an issue with the Veglia gauges.


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How about some BA9s from Superbright.


Actually go through the whole bike and get LED replacements and make it worth the postage.

https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/miniature-and-subminiature-bulbs/194-led-bulb-1-led-miniature-wedge-retrofit-car/197/  These are great for the dash buy all the colours to match the lens, the nice thing about the 194 is they are an AC lamp so you don't have to worry about polarity, they have a shoulder that fits into the white holder and you can solder the wires direct to the lamp because they should never need replacing. I use the 90 degree ones.

For the direction indicators perhaps


With an LED flasher- you can buy 2 pin ones but i'm more confident in the 3 pin variety with a ground conection.


Head light bulbs are a bit of a crap shoot. I think they will be an H4, I currently run a fan type in my V7, I opened up a hole in the rear of the bucket to let it stick out, flush actually. You will find better deals by just googling.


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This LED headlamp has been serving well in the Sport:


[edit: Over 2 years, almost 10,000 miles/ 15.000 km on this LED headlamp "bulb". I see they sell full inserts, as well, but I only installed the "bulb" in my steel-bucket Bosch headlamp.]

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Thank you very much for the info and links. Much appreciated!

I think doing the conversion for the whole bike would be great. 

One question: if the LED that is replacing a 3w speedo bulb is equivalent in brightness to a 5-10w incandescent (as the bulb's specs show), will it run as cool as a 3w incandescent? I know the big LED headlamp bulbs can get hot, don't know about the small ones.

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