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So...fuel economy...


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On 4/23/2022 at 11:07 AM, stewgnu said:

I had pretty crappy fuel economy till i discovered a nasty crack in my mistral crossover.  It was right next to the lambda sensor too.

Actually i’ve only just last week had it repair welded and popped it back on the bike.  

Touché. For the OP’s original question, I’d think this sort of thing is more at play than tire pressures and such.  All those factors ultimately play into fuel economy, but when it’s off by that much it’s usually a bigger “smoking gun”. Though finding that smoking gun may not be easy.

And fwiw on this thread, these days I’m getting about 36-37mpg on Red (v11 lemans), mostly 10-20 mile legs of mixed riding.  Around 40mpg when she road trips and stretches her legs to cruise at highway speeds. Ethanol doesn’t noticeably effect my fuel econ, though I avoid it for other reasons.

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Hi from Cork,

 The last thing you want is waste your power into heat by running an underinflated tyre.
 Also you need your tyre to flex to increase its road contact area in order to provide grip.

This  is how to calculate:

 -First thing in the morning take your tyre pressure with a telescopic analogic pocket guage.
 -go for a good ride with your bike loaded with your gear.
  -stop and remeasure the tyres pressure when they are hot (with the same guage)

Back tyre  pressure should be between 5-10%higher than cold
Front tyre pressure should be between 3-5% higher than cold.

This is valid for all motorcycle tyre types ,type of bikes , loads and road surfaces.
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