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Rosso Mandello clutch problem


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20 hours ago, KINDOY2 said:

I had a similar situation after putting the 

Ram Clutch in the Scrua..The friction plate is slightly thicker..One of the things I did was to zip tie the clutch lever pulled to the bars and leave it while not riding it for the first several  rides..I've done this with other bikes and it does help a little bit if their is any air bubbles in the line in clutch or brakes...over night they can slowly rise to the top.

  Another thing is , How many miles do you have on the new clutch? after I rode mine I noticed mine would just get slightly better and not drag as much and it began to find neutral a little easier.., I even intentionally slipped the clutch a little more than usual on occasion, It was suggested by an older and  highly regarded mechanic friend of mine that it would get better after a couple of hundred miles..and it did...its about 80% better to the point it doesn't bother me at all anymore......   My 2 Cents

Thank you for your answer, good to hear that I'm not the only one with this issue. No, I have not many miles (or km here in Norway 😀) on the new clutch plate, so I assume it will getting better.

Jens Martin

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