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Greenie refurb


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I've seen these polished (not sure they were cleared, but probably).  Just too shiny for my tastes. I like the way the early sport's are "subdued" with very, very little chromed or polished metals.

I'll try and hunt down the silver @Scud used. It was a better match, IMO, than the Eastwood AlumiBlast I've been using.


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18 hours ago, docc said:


Many thanks.  I put that on order last week with a local auto store, as no one around had it in stock, but “supply chain” and other issues make it several weeks away.  All fine, but i was looking around at other options, and sure enough the aluminum paint that i picked up did seem more shiny than i prefer, so i grabbed a can of satin finish clear, and thats the next experiment i was going to try.  But all while awaiting the VHT.  

I did grab a bit of “tool box red”, for the little area of nasty rust that I’ll be cleaning up and prepping on the frame. Low risk of issue there, for while its visible, its somewhat tucked in under things and not as obvious, and will have a weld joint as a border. 

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Mostly had to work on other house projects yesterday, but fwiw did compare several aluminum gray paints sprayed on some scrap aluminum to the original alt cover and the turn signal cover, and this Seymour “original non smudge aluminum finish” looked to be a very close match. And it says its good for engine blocks and such.  Will see how it really looks later on the actual items that need the paint, and next to the VHT if it ever arrives. 



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