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a few more bits


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A pair of High Mount muffler brackets from an early SportI (97 me thinks) They are the same piece used with the Ti muffler kit on the later Sport/LM just silver instead of black. They were used with the addition of a flat 1/4" thick bracket (not included but a traced drawing provided from my other set, seen on the box top and easily made) $60.US shipped conus.

A new tranny/frame brace for the red frame models. One of Don's production, unused. $45.US shipped conus.

Shift Linkage Arm Is SOLD - Thanks! An extended shift linkage arm unused. One of the first runs from Chuck. I got an extra and won't need it. IIRC they were $50.US plus ship. Tell me if I've misremembered the cost.

Paypal 'friends' please or snail me a check is fine. Thanks



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