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G'day folk's

Fiscally I'll never be a wealthy man...

Comfortable - oh yeah!


Thanks to motorcycling and the memories, plus the ones to come....

I am and will be wealthy beyond any measure!


Ps such is the overwhelming passion we feel the need to share it amongst ourselves.....for no one else understands!!

Ride /live/love and be happy

Cheers Guzzler

Pps maybe I shouldn't post after 4 x glasses of shiraz...

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As a kid I was always pretty impressed with amusement park rides, but they were always too short. My dad built me a lovely minibike when I was around 13, and I quickly realized that I could own the amusement park ride and that I got to say when it ended. I can't figure why everyone doesn't have a motorcycle or two but that and the good people in my life, sure make me feel lucky.:sun:


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Ha ha 

I should have known they'd become a big deal in my life when as a kid I'd pedal like buggery on my treadlie ( bicycle ) then stop and enjoy the sensation of speed with no effort ( for a brief moment )!

It was a long wait till age 17 and my first motorcycle.....

Jeez was it that long ago?

Cheers Guzzler

Ps wow I'd have loved a bike at 13 mate, my folks were not all that chuffed with the idea of them but thankfully didn't stand in the way of me getting one when I could afford it.   

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On 7/2/2022 at 3:20 AM, guzzler said:


Pps maybe I shouldn't post after 4 x glasses of shiraz...

That's all it took???  Lightweights... 🤣👍


Great rant, Brotha.

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My siblings and I grew up halfway down a fairly good hill in a suburban neighborhood. I sped down that hill too many times to count and somehow rarely crashed! Mom was smart enough to forbid skateboarding though. And motorbikes of any kind, though my neighbor down the street had an amazing Rupp. Dad taught my brother and I clutch control by standing a pack of cigarettes on the dash and we had to start on the hill without knocking the cigs over. My first bike came after Mom & Dad had no say in it, followed by my father's stories of riding a war surplus Indian as a  young man.  The speed thing isn't too much of a thing anymore, but the feedback and interaction sensations are what keeps me in the game... Anyway open roads and good runs are part of the happiness distraction for me....

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