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TPS settings - aahhhh f****

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i was doing some routine maintenance type stuff and remembered that i had bought the hex nut screws to hold the TPS in place. very carefully i removed one of the torx screws only to realise that the second TPS screw was not really screwed down and the TPS, well fell out of place. 

bike is a 2002 scura  that was, shall we say, neglected for at least 5 years before i started the restoration. from the look of the torx screws the TPS has never been reset, still covered in the factory yellow paint. 

After some messing about i have got the bike running again but i have no idea how well the TPS is set.    i dont have a caspers harness to check and reset it but i do have a multimeter and some patience, if i run out of patience i can nick some of my sons ritalin. 

any tips on what i should do next?   can you get a TPS reading with just a multimetre?  this was not what i had planned for my sunday morning -  Anyone in the brisbane australia region who knows how to set a TPS?

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Outside of the Casper's breakout harness, the VERY BEST thing I ever did to index the TPS baseline was to press the plate firmly closed as in LuckyPhil's "Zip-tie the right throttle body closed."

Pressing the plate firmly closed while setting the TPS made a significant difference to my "mapping" and running conditions. :thumbsup:

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fixed the problem!! i poorly worded the question, i was looking for alternate ways to get a reading off of the TPS, as i dont yet have one of those casper harnesses and am very green when it comes to electrics. 

After a lot of if messing about i finally stuck some guitar string into the connection and with a combo of clamps was able to get a proper reading on the mulitmeter. the setting was  at 14 mv when i finally got it working. Then after much more fiddling i got it to the magical 157. put it all back together and the bike is now starting and idling much better. 

i'm now firmly of the mind if its stupid but it works, its not stupid.  next up is waiting for the connector cables to have a look at the fuelling. 

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