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Paddock stands for V11 Sport

Guest Ianell

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Another question related to my new bike.


The PO had a puncture on his way to meet me to swap bikes. I went into my local tyre depot today to get a new rear fitted, and ran into a problem with the paddock stands they use. They have rubber coated cups that fit under the swingarm, and the only place this would fit fouled the brake carrier. Couldn't fit it further forward as it would have fouled the UJ on the drive shaft.


Any recommendations for either a better type of stand or a way of getting one on such that you can get the wheel out?





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I use a Lockhart-Phillips paddock stand. It's a cheesy lightweight piece of crap, but it will do the job. It isn't reallly an issue on the uj interference. What is important is that it gets positioned such that the support cups are between the disk brake carrier and the axle nut. The easiest way I've found to change the tire is to remove the brake caliper, then everything else. The tire removal is slightly harder than that on my Sport 1100i, but not a difficult job. There are better stands though. I recommend the Pit Bull stands available in the USA. They also make a front stand that works in concert with a standard paddock stand. It works amazingly well. Check them out at http://www.pit-bull.com/. They have a truly rugged, beautifully built quality product.

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I've had trouble finding a suitable paddock stand too, as you said most 'normal' ones foul componts/drivesahaft etc. I now use a 'Centre Stand' & 'Front Spike' from 'Advanced Bike Stands'. You will need to order a 1m lenth of 25mm dia tube (its what they use for the handle) so that you can thread it through the frame/engine and then lift the rear of the bike. When combined with the front spike the bike can have both wheels removed and its very stable. Maybe not very well explained so ckeck out the web site.


URL=http://advancedbikestands.co.uk]Bike stands[/url]

Tel: +44(0)1709 588917[

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In my opinion nothing, absolutely nothing beats an original Moto Guzzi paddock stand meant for V11S/LeMans/Scura bikes.


Firstly its nicely made and painted red to match the frame :sun: . On more serious side it fits well under the side plates, is easy to use and lifts the whole rear of the bike which, on top of tire changes enables you to set your rear sag easily, disassemble all swingarm, shaft drive etc in a case of need. It also comes with a neat engine prop which lifts your front suspension easily.


I would never consider any other stand for my bike.

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I'm with John on this one.

I have the factory stand too. It's great, easy to use, sturdy.......... you get the picture. It was made for the job. I got it on sale from MG Cycles last year for $125. Not cheap, but it's not a cheap stand! Perfect for the job!

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:rolleyes: ....ok, I've got the "red MG stand" as well and I've had it for a long while. And while I think it's pretty spiffy, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the bike up on it by myself.


Trying to balance the bike with one hand, while trying to look under the bike to line-up the detents in the stand with the plate-bolts.... trying not to drop the bike and/or take a chunk out of the frame's paint... :P ..well, I've never sucessfully got the bike up on the darned thing! :huh:


...so, if those that have had better success could post their "method" for using the stand, I could shake off it's cobwebs and finally put it to use :D



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Here's how I do it:

Stand beside the left side of the bike and face aft.

Have the stand ready in your right hand and with the left hand hold the tank and with the bike between your hip and left hand, bring it up level and hold it there.

Use your right hand to position the stand under the frame nuts.

Once you have the stand engaged on the frame nuts put the toe of your right boot behind the little red roller wheel to "chock" it in place.

Let go with your left hand and put downward pressure on the lever with both hands. The bike can't fall as the stand is holding it and your tow keeps it from rolling away from you.

Shove the lever down to the ground. Now it's on the stand!


To get it off the stand:

Put the kick stand down.

Put your toe behind the red wheel again.

Lift the lever carfully upward until it is all the way up, but still well engaged on the nuts to steady the bike.

Use your left hand and hip to steday the bike again as you finish disengaging the stand your your right hand.

Once the stand is free, allow the bike to lean over onto the side stand.


Simpler to do than say, actually! :lol:

Once you have done it this way a few times, it is easy to do. Hope it helps!

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Someone posted a while back that the Sport stand wouldn't clear aftermarket silencers (handle hit the cans) and that the stand had to be used from the other side of the bike. Does anyone know if this is really the case? I'm in the market for another stand and it's a toss-up between the Sport stand and a hydraulic lift at this point.

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Guest Ragin' Pit Bull

I have mine on order with MG USA, after reading this thread, I'm really looking forward to receiving it. I have aftermarket Ferracci cans on mine. I'll post to let everyone know if the stand clears the cans.



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OK, well I went home and tried the methods described...


First, let me say that I did get it to work after some fiddling. However, on my bike, with stock cans, I *cannot* use the stand with the handle pointing to the rear of the bike(on the left/kickstand side). It will not clear the mufflers. And yes, this is the standard red stand from MG-Cycle.


However, it works fine on the right side with the handle pushing toward the front of the bike.


One thing that wasn't clear to me, or perhaps I simply missed, is that the detents in the stand catch the nuts/bolts on the *outside* of the bottom frame bolts that protrude from the red side plates.


All this time I've been trying to hook the stand on the frame behind the plate, but I found that there really isn't any room to do this, plus the stand is too wide to hook both arms behind the plates... which I really should have noticed before. *sigh*


So bottom line, this is how my stand worked last night:


Stand on the right side of bike

The stand has it's handle pointing forward

Position the detents of the stand on the bottom nuts outside the side-plate

As Rich mentioned, block the wheel of the stand with your foot

Push forward on the handle quite hard actually, and up comes the bike



I don't know why I have to do this opposite to Rich's instructions, but there is absolutely no way my stand's handle will clear my exhaust cans, so I have to use it on the right.


One other concern I have is either loosening the nuts it grabs(not likely) or that if I am not very careful, the side-plate might get knicked by the stand during placement and lifting. So I'll just have to take care :)


Thx for the tips guys!


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