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Paddock stands for V11 Sport

Guest Ianell

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Hi Paul,


The stand can go on either side- on the left the handle goes back, and on the right it goes forward. Pretty convenient actually.


I kind of like takemasa's jack stand. Cool.




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Jaap is right, on the left side it would interfere with the exhaust canister. On the other hand it's easier to jack it up by having the handle on the right side.

I sit on the bike, get the stand underneath, point the claws under the frame nuts and lever the bike with my foot into the final position.

To get it off the stand just simply sit on the bike and pull the lever up, done.

Well, I can imagine the whole act would be much more complicated if you have the lever on the left hand and back asswards.

Easy task, just make sure you are sober while handling V11Sweety :-))

And one more question Paul, did your paddock stand come with a manual?






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Hi all,


I have looked at all the stands and I decided to make my own. A few hours work and lord and behold, I have a nice looking stand that is very stable and matches the frame! :thumbsup: It just took a few cuts on the metal chop saw and a few welds, plus a few wheels off my sons skateboard and this is the finished product. :bier: The stickers help with the poor spraycan paint job. :doh: I also made the paddock stand handle removeable to avoid triping. :stupid:



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My pretty red MG stand clears the Leo Vince Ti's (left side, handle to rear). Someone else suggested coating the socket on the stand (or the bolts) with grease to preserve the paint on the plates and to generally ease the lift. I did try this and it seemed to work, and was easy to clean afterwards. :bike:

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I have the Guzzi stand and it does work. I have a funny story about my experience getting the bike up by myself. When I finnally got the bike halfway up, I pushed hard on the handle to get it to the floor. As luck would have it the handle came slamming down on the toes of my shoe. As luck would have it I was able to pull my toes in before the handle smashed them. So here I am, trapped by the stand and nobody home to help me. I was in a ackward position so I didnt have complete control of the bike and everytime I tried to raise it - it would start tipping away from me. So here I am in a hot garage - trapped by my toe holding onto this heavy bike. About 45 mins latter my neighbor who was cutting his grass came over and helped me out. Talk about feeling like an idiot!!!


Anyway, for one man operation, its hard to beat the LA Chock. I use it on all my bikes and its as simple as you can make it.



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Ouch! Two years ago I had a similar experience. I had one of the rug protectors for desk chairs that kept curling up and sliding. As a desk addition it was a nuisance so I thought it might make a good garage floor protector for when I inevitably dripped oil during an oil change etc. So I put it in the garage and pulled in my Sport 1100i with the front wheel resting on it. The next day, at 5:30 A.M., I got ready to go to work and went out to the garage. I on the bike, kicked up the sidestand and that's when things got interesting. The front wheel started to slide sideways because the mat was slippery. Now I had a fully gassed 548 lb beast starting to tip over. It was halfway to the floor and I couldn't get it further upright because the front wheel would just slide when I tried. I laid the bike down gently, but I still couldn't get it upright because of the mat. I had to wake up my son to give me a hand. The mat is gone. The bike has remained. B)

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...hrmm, reminds me of my innumerable(really) slow speed tip-overs on my old FJ-1200, especially when loaded with luggage :P


I got so used to them over time that they didn't even bother or embarras me anymore... I'd just lay it down slowly, step away, shrug my shoulders and laugh :rolleyes:


...most people got a kick out of witnessing it, so hey, I'm glad I was entertaining!

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I found the Becker Technik stand sold by MG Cycle.

JMP Hydraulic Motorcycle lift Red 400KG sold by Boonstra BV, although I have seen several variations of that same lift sold under various other brand names.

There is also the one from Gutsibits, which I believe is a copy of the original Moto Guzzi, with a center prop that allows disassembly of the front wheel.

I found a bunch of professional solutions, which are not really adapted for the "home" garage.

The Boonstra seems to be a relatively interesting solution. I am wondering if anybody here uses one like this?

I have read that someone uses the Becker Technik stand on his Guzzi V11, and needs the prop to get the front wheel off.

There is the Zeny, but it seems it requires anchoring so that is not going to work for me.

Are there any other candidates?


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