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Taming the V11 bar Vibrations

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Hi, personally I like the stock bars, and position. I found that, by inserting those small lead balls used for fishing in the bars, it makes the vibration almost disappear, two small bags in each end was enough on my V 11, and they can be pushed in till they almost become one solid piece. Ciao, Philip Summaria.

I use bb's in the bars of my kawi triples, these bikes can buzz kill your hands and fingers quick, and it works pretty good.

The trick here is not to pack too tightly so as to allow the added mat'l vibrate to cancel the bar vibration. By adding solid weights, this may only change the vibration frequency, the vibes are still there just faster or slower.

Its like the way huge wieghts are put in the top of very tall buildings to counter sway.

So ya, fishing split shot or bb's may do the trick, its simple science for little cost.

Give it a try and report back on your resaults, its trial and error, add or remove the shot untill desired results are met.

Im not avocated a single solution just an old school trick.


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