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Headlight 2003 LeMans


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I got a call last night from a friend who recently bought a 2003 V11 LeMans. His low beam had burned out. While he was working on the bike he gave me a call.


"I'm tearing into this bike according to the owners manual and I'm finding out that it is a major PITA to even get to the bulb. I've got the lower panel off and the screw off the bottom of the bulb housing. Nothing else looks like it needs to come off yet I can't get it apart. What do I need to do?"


I said, "It's easier to remove the whole fairing in one piece. Six screws, disconnect the turn signal wires, and remove the mirrors and the fairing will come off."


You could have heard a pin drop. So we're talking while he is removing the screws and mirrors. He had a little trouble with the turn signal connectors as somebody had tie-wrapped them to the frame. We spent the last half of our conversation while he was reinstalling the panel to the fairing while it was on the ground.


We wrapped up the conversation by him saying he wished he had called before starting the job cause he would have been done an hour ago.

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Yep, that was me that Terry was refering to. Boy, this is a bit differrent than the Cali. Oh well, ya live, ya learn. That's the price you pay for something as good looking as a LeMans.


I can't wait until I have enough miles on the clock to open it up. It is a blast to ride.


Zoom Zoom,

John Henry

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