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6-speed false neutral

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Unfortunately a new case won't fix the shaft leak. My (former ) dealer told me there is no seal there. He epoxied my first case to seal it saying that would fix it forever . Then the case was renewed and, voila, the drips.

I actually fashioned a plug for the lower shaft from a Honda access plug and RTV'd it in. The upper shaft has a cutaway in the case and won't hold a plug. Just liberal RTV there. My (new) dealer suggested the shafts can be RTV'd from the inside to good effect. But,again, apparently no actual seal and I guess the shafts are not press fit. What wre they thinking? Or were they?

The leak from the back sounds more serious. My last reassembly was with 'Yamabond' (blue , I believe). Evidentally a vast improvement over the original olive oil and pesto based stuff. What did your dealer use?

Don't get caught bent over smelling like 90wt around the Harley guys.


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My 00 V11 had false neutrals from the beginning, despite what the dealer told me. So I added some moly , replaced the oil and just rode it. My foot has become accustom having to completely lifting my toe to catch the gear.


If it in't broke don't fix it.






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It's a miracle! Finally, Igot in 200 miles in very cold weather today.

The 6-speed shifted wonderfully! I moved the linkage closer to the pivot

(the lower position) and this has made an unbelievable differ ence. Still dry after using RTV on the shaft bosses

Thanks for the help, guys! Ride well, docc

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On 2/15/2003 at 12:42 AM, docc said:

My 2000 v11 s has developed an annoying habit of offering me thin air in place of the next gear. Of course , at first I thought it was just me. Then MGNA directed me to the adjuster for the shift lever throw. You know how it is. You adjust something and think. "there, isn't that better!" then a few miles down the road it does it again! The archives show alot of discussion of return springs. Mine's never stuck ( I hope it didn't hear me say that!),

but I/m finding it'll miss a gear if I shift in rapid succession. Makes me think "retrn spring."

Has there been a new and improved return spring fitted to the later models? Can the shift throw be adjusted to finally cure this ill? Stay tuned sport fans!

Epic necrodredge thread bump! I stumbled on this in a web search and couldn't believe I was brought back to my very first thread/post on these forums. Eighteen years ago! :sun:

For the record, these early gearboxes were recalled by the manufacturer.  Mine was replaced entirely later in 2003 with about 27,000 miles.

I kept try to tell everybody my Sport quit shifting right!  :grin:


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