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Post a pic of your V11 - No words


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18 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

I'm always confused about how the US denotes year models in cars and bikes. I can understand a bike made very late in 2002 being sold as a "2003" model as production is started for the beginning the following year but in my world something made in June 2002 is a 2002 bike. 

Wasn't there something about unsold Guzzi stock from the previous year being sold as next years models just because that's when it was sold and registered?

I've never experienced here a "new" next years model being made in the middle of the current year and on sale a few months later. My memory is the production of the next years model was started after the Italian August factory shut down when the tooling was changed over for the next years model in preparation for the return in September. Bikes were then on dealers floors depending on where you were late that year and into the first quarter of the next.


IDK when it started , but the car companies settled for around August/September for the manufacture of the beginning next model year . 

Really oddball productions were vehicles such as the Mustang . It started in April of 64 . These are known as the 64 1/2 Mustangs . Then later productions (in the same year) were 1965 models . The easiest way to tell them apart were the first productions were generator equipped before going to the alternator equipped cars .

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3 hours ago, Rox Lemans said:

Using a 2003 tank on a prior model. It is my understanding you can't. Or can you? 

Well there seems to be some conjecture. I tried both on my bike (short frame) and the mounts line up but the steering lock is reduced to the point where its unusable. However my bike is already reduced due to the raising of the tank. Others have fitted them and have reported no issues. On a short framed bike I 'd be surprised if you can fit the later tank without a reduction in steering lock. If you see my posts with the measurements and images you can see how the later tank is stretched at the front to fill the gap created by lengthening the frame. I always intended fitting the later tank at some point but it's not possible now. 


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