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Post a pic of your V11 - No words


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Guest mathieuguzzi

Paul, I will attend the Tropheo Rosso event... as a spectator. I've had an accident while riding the bike. I crashed the bike down in an effort to avoid a child crossing the street on a bicycle just in front of me, at a time where the traffic light was green for me. The child is fine (no contact at all thank God). I broke my left wrist. My bike suffered only minor damage, mostly cosmetic.

As of the time of the Trophéo my plaster will be removed, but I won't be allowed to ride the Guzzi before another month.

BTW, after having owned successively a pair of PVM magnesium, a set of OEM Brembo ones coming off a 1100ie... I finally ordered a set of OZ from G&B at a bargain price (without cush drive). It SHOULD be the end of my long quest for the correct wheels for my bike...!


Hi Mattieu, do you go to the trofeo rosso in 2 weeks?


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Great photo Tim.... although I must say.... you look HUGE on that bike


I'm 6'2"... Its funny switching from the Tuono to the Guzzi as the Guzzi really feels tiny in comparison.


anyway, I think its a combination of my height and the perspective of the photo.


Plus we all bought Guzzi's because they make us look huge right? :bike:

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