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Post a pic of your V11 - No words

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My Ballabio in the mountains in Northern Colorado,  smoke and wildfires cut short the ride.  Hope everyone is hanging in there in these strange times, take care.  T

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Like a train, obvious  :rasta: . Still some punch in the cyl ?   Even ridden in a hurry, not much oil consumption ?   What could possible go wrong  A friends K100RS turned 397000km this fall,,,, thats another story, great French engine that brick.  

Cheers tom.

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At 5,000 miles/ 8.000 km, it could have used a (US) "quart", but I just changed the oil/filter instead.

Valve adjustment, plugs, balance the throttle bodies:

Magic! :luigi:B)


What an awesome bike! :thumbsup::race:

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Smallest church in America.



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Well, I know Rox and Richard. There was another Scura on a ride to Ojai about 3-4 years ago, but I don't remember his name. 3 Scuras is definitely a rally. :mg:

...still searching for Scuras in the image...
The black Guzzi in front of my burgundy one.

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W/ a silver polished Ohlins fork? Just asking and learning - regards, Hayo


Pulled the Ohlins. Marzocchi on there now ;-)

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