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Service Intervals


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Stoopid question:


I'm confuzzled as to what the correct interval is for having my Guzzi serviced.


The manual says 7500 km.

The dealer told me 10,000 km.

I think I read in Cycle World that it needs to be serviced every 3000 miles(or was that 6000 miles?), whick is about 5000 km.


Note: I'm in Saudi Arabia. I bought the bike from a shop in Italy. The bike(and the owner's manual) is at a friend's house in England, hence I'm trying to recall all this from memory. :blink:

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Guest v11eric



The manual I got with my 01 V11LM Is a ownersmanual V11 sport, by this manual the services are every 6000ML or10000km :D


BTW is there already a ownersmanual V11LM??? :unsure:




01 V11 lemans

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Guest marcialc

same here, only got the V11sport manual with the scura. If you don't have it already, I would suggest getting Guzziology by Dave Richardson. good reading and very handy :)


...service at 500, 1000, and everyother 6000 miles. B)

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Guest Oliver

Hi there,


first of all ... YES ... I have it :D


Together with my Scura came the V11 Le Mans drivers handbook and later on I received the printed Öhlins addition to the handbook.


The service intervals for the "old" (w/o hydtaulic lifters) is ... first inspection at 1500 Km, followed by inspections every 10.000 Km.


For your information ... the older Sport Guzzi (Daytona, 1100 Sport) had an interval of 5000 Km - but only up to mid of 1998. From that date MG switched over to common intervals for all models.


THIS INFORMATION IS VALID FOR GERMANY ... it may be possible, that due to "use in desert", high temperature, etc. the intervals may be reduced.


I can't really imagine ... but we are talking from Moto Guzzi ... everything is possible :P


Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

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Guest Chelmi Ryu



For the news version of V11 (scura, LM2002, Tenni), the manual says 10000 km but the warranty book says 7500km, and for Moto-Guzzi to respect the warranty we do take the warranty book for the services.


The old version of V11 the warranty and the owner book says 10000km.


Have a nice and i hope you understand me.


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Thanks everyone for your responses.


I guess that's where my confusion began...the bike shop telling me 10,000 km and the warranty book saying 7500 km.


Kinda reminds me of the funny English translations you used to get in Japanese owner's manuals :lol:


Now, if I only knew if they meant 7500 km period...or 7500 km from the 1500 km initial servicing. That would be 1500 + 7500 = 9000 km?


I think I'm getting dizzy :blink:


P.S. I think the Guzzi dealer in Mandello (Agostinos?) may have Le Mans owner's manuals.

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