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Hi everybody, this is the new owner of T166, currently in London. Just picked her up near Leeds and drove her home last week end. 300 miles on it, and lovely, lovely feeling inside

V11 Le Mans "Tenni" Registry The reason for the Tenni registery is to get as many Tenni owners out there as l can find and give them a site that: 1. We can get to know each other by sending in our n

Hallo I want to join the Register My name is Dirk Schmidt and I own no: 66. Living in the center of the Netherlands Gr. Dirk - dadparent Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk Pro

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Just found this site.  I have #144.  It resides in Azusa, CA USA.



Welcome to the forum. Lotsa good info here. Some great folks. How long have you had it, and what have you done to it? mileage? Any pics?

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Welcome Robbbb. Congratulations on the new Tenni! Beautiful bike. If you aren't already aware, you'll want to catch up on a couple things to look out for. The aluminum flywheel in the Tenni, Rosso Mandello, and Scura, MAY be a problem. The shift lever arm spring will most likely break at some point. Get a set of new relays. Search for those items on the forum to read up. There is plenty of info.



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Congratulations on the bike, it's a beauty.  I saw that and another bike of his listed on e-Bay recently for premium prices.  Will this be a collector/showpiece for you - or will you be riding it?

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Congratulations on the bike, it's a beauty. I saw that and another bike of his listed on e-Bay recently for premium prices. Will this be a collector/showpiece for you - or will you be riding it?

Thanks! I've been wanting one of these for a long time but circumstances haven't permitted it until now. These Tenni versions don't come up very often, which makes sense since the registry seems to agree that there are only 35 or so if these in the US.


I had no idea this was Ewan's bike (not that it matters but does make for good conversation) but after bidding at a much lower price but probably still too much I secured the purchase. The accompanying documents support that it was indeed his, although not from new.


The paperwork included is the original certificate issued to a "Tony Doucette" and purchased 9/5/2002 from Big Twin BMW Motorcycles in Boise ID. Service records show he had the bike until at least 2008.


The next pickup on service records is under Ewan in Dec 2013. However the first registration record was issued in June of 2013.


Between owners, my guess is the bike was sold to another person on this forum "racecarjohnny" in FL before getting picked by Ewan...?


Anyway, despite the premium paid, I am happy with my purchase and yes - I plan on riding this beauty. It will be my "special" bike, not that my V7 and Stelvio aren't but it's a Tenni!! As time passes, I can't help but think these will become even more desirable. This was not a financial decision, it was made from the heart and that is priceless.


See my other bikes on Instagram at Guzzicruiser




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Good evening from Germany to everybody out there

I will take my Tenni home on next week-end, I found this lovely bike 2 weeks ago on "mobile.de" an Internet platform

I've contacted the owner and we met 30minutes later...his Guzzi Garage is filled with dream bikes...LM 850 in excellent condition...

Magni Giapponne S2....V7 II self - build , Stelvio NTX and a NSU Fox, an old German motocycle

We spoke a little about the Tenni, I wanted this bike, I got this bike

This is the Guzzi I wanted to have in my garage!

My 36 year old T3 California - I'm the First and only owner - now gets a break, may be she will be my sunday afternoon cruisin' Lady

The bike is in good condition, it is fun to ride it. Guzzi - what else?

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