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Show us yer Tontis!

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My 1973 V7 Sport  

OK guys, the T3 California was completed in record time for me, 7 months.  Usually it takes me 7 years! I have about 50 miles on it and it runs perfectly!   A most enjoyable project.  

Built this a dozen years ago from a G5, but its now an 850 and still going strong, lot of home made parts (exhausts, handlebars, battery box ,seat,)  John Williams  (tank shop)made the tank and m

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I know this is going to make me seem dim, even as thick as sh*t, but could someone explain the difference between "loop" frame Guzzis and "Tonti" Guzzis. I know what the spine frame is as I own one.



To further expound on it- the "loop" frame was designed by Carcano- the loop refers to the looping of the frame around the engine. - as an aside- to pull the motor from loopframe, you need to wiggle it out from between the frame rails.

The Tonti frame was designed by Lino Tonti, it doesn't have any pet names that I know of. It is a much stiffer frame and the rails that run along the bottom of the motor can be unbolted. So in this case, to remove the motor, just unbolt the lower frames and walk the upper frame forward and away on the front tire. I used to be able to remove the motor in my G5 within 2 hours and I'm not even very fast.

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Just seen Andre's intro thread - great pic. I know there's a few here into older Guzzis - let's see em! Andre could perhaps repost his pic here too?


Here's mine again:




Very nice,KB.


Is that an old Norton seat?The only bit of my old Fastback that didn't leak,break or rot(sigh). :rolleyes:


Wonder where it is now.

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....Wonder where it is now...


...it wasn't metalflake pink was it? :blush: ...this one was - Fastback tail cut a bit on a homemade pan. I always liked em but thought on the Norton they hung out too far back w/the dual seat.


KB :sun:

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