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Guzzi wont continue to run

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Hi all,


It's the 'new guy' again. I have a 2002 V11 that high sided sustaining very minor 'ancilliary' damage. Faring inner structure, faring, marker lites etc. Happily the frame, wheels, forks are all true and unscathed. My broken brother, the previous owner states that after the 'event' he shut the bike off ... read it was running. Now that I have her home and am beginning the rebuild I find that she will start and run but any application of throttle causes her to quit. The bike high sided and tumbled twice. I have been reading in the forum seeing that the petcock wiring can be problamatic with this model. Possibly the harness got stressed and she is not getting adequate fuel supply due to wiring issues? I appreciate that under these circumstances anything is possible BUT .... any thoughts?

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It could be that the ECU is not seeing the throttle and therefore goes too lean as you open it up.


The throttle cable goes to the left throttle body and this has a pushrod to the right throttle body. The TPS ( throttle position sensor is on the RH body ). Check the state of the above and check the TPS is connected. There's a 3 pin plug on it.

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Some things to check:

Make sure it has gas, it could have drained out durring the accident and you are running on fumes.

Replace and gap sparkplugs

Coil mounts could have gotten jarred, make sure it is properly seated and wire connections are good.

What Cliff said.

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Thanks for the thoughts guys. Here's a little more info that comes to mind. The tank is full, all fuses are ok and I have pulled and resecured all the relays, This bike is a new 2002 with 885 kms on the clock. When the crash ended it was running and was shut off by the key.


The choke button was lost in the tumble. If I use an aul to physically advance the choke cable it trys and eventually starts. No adverse engine noise. However, the slightest attempt to add throttle, even feathering it with choke on and the motor stalls. It somehow feels fuel related. Once it starts if I do nothing it runs for 30 seconds and then sputters out like the fuel cock is shut off. Repeated attempts to keep her running will allow the engine to get warm and run without the choke, but not keep running.


I have purchased a shop manual and parts catalogue which I intend to study in depth. As the tank was scuffed and needs a cut polish I hope to see more when that component is removed. Due to the tunble I am suspecting a stretched or strained harness and that is why the fuel cock wiring issues with V11's struck a cord.


I appreciate your thoughts and will share my findings as I delve deeper.



Or worse can be that the crack has run long enough without oil pressure and has a bigend or bearing problem.


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Once it starts if I do nothing it runs for 30 seconds and then sputters out like the fuel cock is shut off.



Please don't take offense at the obvious but did you really check the pet cock?? The manual fuel shut off (at the pet cock) are extreamly stiff (on 02s anyway) and difficult to get at, make sure it is open position. :huh2:


Im thingking during the bikes recovery process maybe it was closed for transport. There is also a very distinct difference in fuel pump sound with the valve closed. :2c:

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. . .  and that is why the fuel cock wiring issues with V11's struck a cord.






Seems th '02 petcock is manual ( and stiff as Edge says). The 'electric cock' went away with Aprilia. :rolleyes: The last relay block is blank in manual applications.


I had a tipover which dislodged a lot of swarf in the tank to gather up about the petcock intake screen causing the fuel to cut off before the light came on. Might want to remove the petcock and give the intake screen a good clean. :luigi:

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Check to see that the intake boots and throttle bodies are sealed up and not leaking? :huh2:



Now that you mention the wiring- have you checked the ambient temperature resistor? It's in the intake air filter box- two wires and tiny orange or red resistor that you might not be able to see.

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I'll take a close look at the throttle positioning sensor... or an compressed gas pump (or lines)... (I do not remember if the 2002 V11 has the pump inside the gas tank or not).


Good luck with the pussle, do not give up!!!



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A few thoughts

fresh fuel, anything like uk fuel it goes off very quick when left stored

fuel lines not kinked or twisted

damaged fuel filter restricting flow

tank breather clear

TDC sensor on front of engine intact and not damaged

Batt terminals secure and a good voltage present

TPs sensor intact and not damaged

spark plugs and leads intact and not damaged

intake rubbers from throttle bodies to head are tight and no cracks or splits

both throttle bodies opening together and link bar not come off

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