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Avgas and the oxy sencer

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10 hours ago, GuzziMoto said:

You have a different way of looking at this than I do.

That you have never enjoyed a peaky powerplant is your opinion. But your opinion on that doesn't mean someone else who does enjoy a peaky power plant is wrong.

As to the width of the V11's power, ours delivers very usable power from 3,000 rpms to over 7,000 rpms. That is, it delivers good power for around 2/3's of it rpm range (looking at it as from idle (around 1200 rpms) to redline. Compared to the previously mentioned FZR 400, which delivers good power for around 1/3 of its rpm range. You are looking at it as "how many rpms does it make good power in. And that is one aspect. But another, possibly better metric is to look at it by how much of its available rpms does it make good power in. And I don't know about your V11, but the wife's V11 makes good power from 3,000 rpm to over 7,000 rpm.

A great example of it is way back when I was riding the wife's V11 with a couple friends. One was on a new R1 (new at the time, this was probably 20 years ago when the R1 was new), he was a buddy I roadraced with. After a while he said to me he was stunned at how badly the V11 would pull him out of corners. His R1 had way more power than the V11 had, but to use that power he had to really rev the engine. Where as the V11 seemd to pull hard out of the corners without effort, no extra revs required. Could an R1 go faster than a V11? Sure. But not without bringing the revs up.

I have ridden a number of small displacement streetbikes, bikes like the Ninja 250 and Eliminator 250, the aforementioned FZR 400, and others. They were all peaky, and they were all good fun to ride, especially on a twisty road.

And yeah, when you have 200+ hp you need to worry about making it usable. A V11 doesn't have that problem.

I didn't say those that enjoy a peaky power band are wrong I said "I" found it of less utility and not any fun same as road racer these days. Thats what they all like about the Triumph engine in Moto2 now, more torque. As for comparing a V11 to and FZR 400 well that's just silly and the reason I used a GSXR1100 as an example.

The "my buddy says" stuff I won't comment on.


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fark me guys... what a grumpy bunch ya turned into... get a dose a covid in ya... look, all im saying is my bike runs the best it ever has, and by the seat a dyno hauls beter than it ever has...

Why the need to use ethanol free? Tank expansion issues? Aviation fuel is a waste of money in a road engine esp a Guzzi engine, it can't use the higher Octane capability of 100LL. It's also less volat

or maybe its the mk4 belly pan that's made the differance...

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On 10/27/2020 at 4:29 AM, pete roper said:

. . .  BLOODY AWESOME  . . . delivery . . . extraordinary from nothing to Blurp, Blurp, Blurp!

Blasting across West Texas at 'Faster than F*ck' speeds was effortless, riding it in the CA Canyons was a 'Stick it in third and gun it'.


That. Right there. What my Sport wants to be when it grows up . . . :race:

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