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  1. I must have missed that as I bee-lined for my biscuits and gravy.
  2. A couple videos from the Motorcycle Day with some nice shots of that Coppa. I wasn't there last year, I think I was having dinner with @docc instead. The year before that I did have the Guzzi out. @activpop What was the other Guzzi? I think I missed it. Also I was at the back of the pack as we came in. I get to pick up any parts that fall off the other Nortons.
  3. Not guilty. I can barely comprehend the English language. I tell people that after several years of German in HS that I know more German from Hogan's Heros.
  4. I'm not sure about all of that. I was just asking how much.
  5. I question a lot of German choices. This would be one of them.
  6. I wonder how much that Cruiser of the Year cost them?
  7. The market for that kind of bike has to be hyper small. You first have to be a Guzzi geek, which is already a small audience, and the want a cruiser that's not a Harley. I'm surprised Guzzi ever sold any of those bikes. Facebook Marketplace is a wacky place. Heck, if you're looking for something Italian funky: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/420703237079257/
  8. This is the second time I ran into @activpop at the Portland Cars and Coffee. Last time he was on I believe his Stelvio? Anyways this time he brought a proper Guzzi. I had the kiddo with me so no riding. We had one of those sneaky warm days (high was about 75F later in the day) in the early Spring. They are always welcome. The bike looks and sounds fantastic. The Titaniums are definitely not as loud as Mistrals but not everyone has to be a hooligan. One of these days I'll unbury the V11 and bring it out too.
  9. Interesting discussion here. Apparently to doesn't actually make a difference? btw Searching for diagram and @Kiwi_Roy is like typing "p0rn" into Google. You'll get a trillion results.
  10. Is there a wiring diagram or pictures of how people have done this? I think it's simple but sometimes the details are what matters.
  11. I got mine and gave it to my friend. It went to a very good home!
  12. We kind of need a Greenie meet up in the Portland area.
  13. I got my plate today. It's actually for a friend of mine as I already have one. Thanks again to @DucatiGuzziIndian!
  14. Sorry if this is popping up in your feed. I went back and fixed some of the missing pictures. Also because I wanted to revisit the trip.
  15. Email sent Wanted to put Rusty Star Picket Plate in the Subject line but I (for once) followed instructions.
  16. We got mail yesterday before the ice came in. And yes, we were surprised. Temps are rising here so the ice is melting, so now we will have to deal with... flooding.
  17. A note that the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington) have had some severe weather (snow and now ice) so may be extremely difficult for @DucatiGuzziIndian to ship anything. I'm not sure what it's like in Seattle but our roads in Oregon are lovely sheets of solid ice. Because of high winds a few days ago many, many people are out of power. And this is the first time we've been above freezing (0C, 32F) since last week.
  18. I'm not sure what it's like in Norway but where I'm at I have a couple local stores that carry a wide variety of hardware. But the best way is to take the screw off and measure it. I have noticed that many of the stainless steel screws on the bike are very soft. As in the screw would fail before the aluminum would.
  19. I'm glad you *think* it will be quiet around here...
  20. I guess "Stick this up yer arse you thieving Pommy scumbags!" was too long?
  21. Pretty sure Pete said something about some Pommies…
  22. I think somewhere is a video of a Vincent he put a Ducati belt drive engine into. Bolt in. Pretty bonkers. F'n fast too.
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