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  1. Just for the sake of the discussion, with regards to the Martin / Marquez collision, from looking at the video, Martin attempts to squeeze in the inside past Marquez. Marquez sees it coming, and release the brakes; Martin no longer has the ability to pass Marquez, however because of his residual speed, he can't make the turn. He would have had intended to be in front of Marquez, not behind. Marquez could have let him go through, and pick him up as Jorge Martin would have not been able to keep the apex anyway. For Bezzecchi and Marquez, I could not find a replay of the crash; Here's a YT video showing some stills. It appears that Bezzecchi is ahead of Marquez.
  2. Indeed; the public started to mess up at that point, not having the help of reading the music at the same time. I found that the quarter rest at the end of each bar, before the one, was a big help. I had no problem if keeping time with my foot. However, if not using anything but my "sense of time", I was rushing with the triplet feels.
  3. Test your skills to keep time, for those of us versed into music; Try to clap your hands on beat 1. It is one of this odd meter: 7/4; typically Music is mostly written in 4/4. The numerator is the number of beats, the denominator the duration of each beat. In a 4/4, you have four quarter notes per bar. In a 7/4, you have a seven quarter notes duration per bar. Here's the exercice: it seems easy, but as varies the rhythm and beats duration and arrangement, always respecting the 7/4 meter, clapping on the one beat becomes challenging.
  4. @GuzziMoto This is an interesting topic. For which there will never be a single answer; Marquez was not really pursuing anything if excepted to get the most forward achievable position. Was it ethically correct to resist an overtake at all costs, given the speed at which Martin came back on him? Marquez did nothing illegal by attempting to prevent Martin to pass him. He did not try to make it easy, but according to Martin, he went out of his way to sabotage it, as he released the brakes to prevent Martin to go through unscathed. I agree with you that Marquez did not have to help Martin to make the pass, but as he was going to be overtaken, he chose to risk a hazardous maneuver that ended in Martin having nowhere to go, and clipping Marquez' rear wheel. Marquez said it was a racing incident. It was. Marquez defended his position at all costs, well aware that Martin was desperately trying to get back to the front. In any case, this was a moot point, since Francesco Bagnaia's position within the first 6th would not have changed the title situation. You are correct about Zarco; he had said before the race that he would have helped Martin if the situation had required it. He would have let him through or win. Now would he have also tried to prevent Francesco Bagnaia to pass him at all costs if Martin had been heading the race, and Bagnaia behind Zarco at the 7th position, needed to be 6th to become champion? this is how I am looking at it when I analyze what Marquez did. I don't pretend that I am right in my opinion, but I think it would have been the appropriate way for Marquez to behave. Not facilitate the pass, but not jeopardize it. That being said, I do not think Jorge Martin lost the title at Valencia; he did before that. Jorge Martin should have not trusted MM93, and should have waited to make a clean pass. By the way, MM93 was 100% responsible for causing Bezzecchi to crash, and got away without any penalty. Something that Bezzecchi reported as two tiers justice when it comes to Marquez.
  5. Mick, if we believe what was reported, Marc Marquez knew Jorge Martin was behind him, and Jorge Martin said that he, himself, knew that Marc knew it. Simon Crafar who is a Dorna employee as well as notorious former motorcycle racer, said that Marc's behavior had been appalling, as he should not have gone out of himself to make it arduous for Jorge to get by. Not implying that he had to let him go through, but not pulling all the stops to prevent an overtake, given that Jorge was fighting for the world tittle, and Marquez was not! (does it ring any bell?)... I understand that racing is racing, and you do not have to accomodate anyone's aspirations, and only follow yours. However, by and I state Jorge Martin's comments: "he released the brakes purposely when he got what pass I was attempting", he also gambled his own race by finishing in the gravels. That after he sent Bezzecchi back to the garage. Whenever there is some controversy going around, often Marc Marquez name appears. Besides that, he surely is a fantastic racer.
  6. Today, Tuesday 28th of November 2023 were the first testing session for 2024; many pilots were discovering their new bikes for the first time. Including Marc Marquez which sported an absolutely incredibly gorgeous livrée, both his Ducati Gresini and his racing suit. I don't know if this is going to be final, most likely not as there aren't yet any sponsor shown on the fairing. I guess the red was symbolic as being the Ducati racing identity. As for the competitiveness, I don't think anyone will be surprised when they look at the time sheets. As anticipated, he is within the best, even if we are not going to judge anything since it is a test session where is only discovering his new team and motorcycle. I am also guessing that having your brother on the same package, inside your garage is a plus. I include the link to his first ride.... you need to click on "watch on YouTube" as Dorna needs the stats to register.
  7. Good catch! Indeed; however the previous owner of the team, the company "CryptoData" is staging a fight in front of the tribunals, publishing a letter stating that Dorna was abusing its dominant position in wanting to replace them with a new US based sponsor, which was a better fit for MotoGP, since it may provides future opportunities to increase its popularity in the USA. Here's the letter CryptoData sent to Dorna: https://www.gpone.com/en/2023/11/27/motogp/cryptodata-replies-to-dorna-its-like-a-comedy-movie-well-see-you-in-court.html?refresh_ce So they seemed to have been pushed out for repeatedly breaking MotoGP sponsorship regulations. I don't know what those rules and regulations are, but there were some rumors of the team members not receiving their salaries on time. I don't know if this is true.
  8. I apologize for slightly polluting the thread in posting non Guzzi contents, however you may like it, did you? Which one out of all, would be your favorite passenger? I am happy I do not need to make a choice, because my Le Mans is strictly single seat exclusively; the cowl never comes off...
  9. Unfortunately, Jorge Martin got desperate and confused speed with haste. Clipping the back of Bagnaia one time should have been a warning, but he ignored it. So he deprived the public from a grand finale by exiting the race quickly, taking Marc Marquez with him for good measure. Marc Marquez already had a first race incident with Marco Bezzecchi resulting in Marco crashing. Jack Miller was looking good to win the race, that would have been a MotoGP win on a third different bike brand. That same turn 10 that had just previously caused Binder to lose top spot was fatal. Another DNF. So the last race did not live up to the build up and expectation. It fell flat on its face. Bagnaia did a home run, even if FDG came back to challenge. Let us see tomorrow what is going to happen when Marc Marquez tests the Ducati GP23 for the first time.
  10. To be fully sincere, I will not purchase an electric motorcycle; not even a good looking Guzzi. I will keep on my current herd, and possibly adding one more Guzzi, to be determined which one, but possibly not one of those equipped with the new V100 engine. In one of the magazine I received, there is a comparative of what we called "mid-size trail bikes". The Moto Guzzi V85TT came on top. Since I really like the "evocative" graphics, it may be this one.
  11. Francesco Bagnaia will be 2023 MotoGP world champion if: if he finishes within the 5 firsts, independently of Martin's position. if he finishes between or at sixth to tenth position providing Martin does not win the race if he finishes between or at eleventh to fourteenth position with Martin finishing no better than third if he finishes fifteenth or worse providing Martin is outside of the podium Jorge Martin will be 2023 MotoGP world champion if: If he wins the race and Francesco Bagnaia finishes no better than sixth if he finishes second and Francesco Bagnaia finishes no better than eleventh if he finishes third and Francesco Bagnaia finishes no better than fifteenth. I don't see how Bagnaia can lose the championship if not for a race incident. Martin has no leeway. He will have to attack for the win. Bagnaia only needs to administer based on Martin's position; to play it safe, he only needs to be fifth overall, and the victory is in the bag.
  12. 14 points between the two leaders and title contenders. Apparently another (wrong) tire choice allowed Martin to win the Sprint and Bagnaia to finish fifth. Valentino Rossi got the solution; he said that for the main race, Bagnaia should simply copy whatever tire choice Martin will make. He also said that in today's MotoGP, a slightly under-performing tire adds the tens of second which put you out of the reach of the front runners.
  13. In my case, even at second and third glances.... If you say Moto Guzzi anywhere in Europe, in the proper entourage of course, the people will automatically think about the notorious engine architecture that Guzzi is well known for. What is going to distinguish an electric Guzzi from the other electric motorcycles? chances are, the electric motor, battery, control systems are going to be outsourced. Or at least, this is how I picture it in my head. What are going to be the discriminating parameters used to make our choices? engine power? number of cylinders, cylinder disposition, sound? well no more, right? Autonomy, recharge time... I am guessing the looks will probably not be as important as it used to be. The question I am asking myself is, will motorcycles continue to seduce aficionados like us when everything is electric? Once the technology is reliable, I expect that only autonomous cars will be available for purchase. You will no longer be able to operate a car unless it is a vintage one. I think we need to make the most of what we have today, as it may not last very long. I was in Paris at the beginning of the month, and the municipality is making driving or parking cars or motorcycles an ordeal.
  14. It is actually much darker than training. The MCAS was kept hidden from regulations and manuals as the aircraft manufacturer involved was trying to market the aircraft to only be another variation of the line, not requiring any recertification or training. After the first accident, the aircraft manufacturer disclosed the existence of the MCAS and issued some directives to mitigate its influence. But it did not prevent the second accident. In this case, the involved airline indicated the pilots could not regain control even when carrying out the procedure. Long story short, the MCAS relied on a single AoA sensor which was the major gamble taken. Anyway back to car's auto pilots. I don't know if you heard, but Cruise's driverless Taxis have completely shut down operation because of an incident that contributed to the injuries of a pedestrian. The pedestrian was hit by another car, and landed underneath the Cruise's driverless car. At first the Cruise car immediately stopped. But then it resumed course and dragged the injured pedestrian stuck underneath it on a distance of about 20' before stopping again. Initially, Cruise only provided the video showing the Taxi stopping with the pedestrian underneath the front end. Failing the disclose the part showing the Taxi resuming motion. As a result, Cruise has been shut down from operating, and the CEO resigned. Bottom line, there always be situations which have never been hard coded. There always are going to be software bugs each time there is an update. This is how it works. You always break a feature that was working perfectly before. As we progress, more and more features are going to be incorporated, but at the price of what we have already seen happening since the introduction of auto-pilots on cars. We are basically guinea pigs. Car makes are advertising auto-pilots as non autonomous, but it does not matter to some of the drivers. This is why I am happy with my driver's car; it has zero electronic features, no automatic gearbox, making it virtually impossible to drive while operating your phone. This is also my main argument on discussions about motorcyclists being reckless. I can't ride and text.
  15. I am a sucker for keeping my Le Mans as close as possible to its original state, including accessories. This is one of the reason I got the odometer fixed rather than going digital. The Le Mans mirrors cannot fold, and mine are still doing the job even if the reflected image has holes. In any case, I always verify by directly looking before I change lanes. So it is purely subjective. I have a couple of leads I am going to follow; if push comes to shove, I will live with the defect, although I am afraid they will only get worse.
  16. Michelin's Jorge Martin rear tire analysis came back... as you would have expected: the tire was exactly like it should have been. Nothing wrong was found. Look for another culprit, Jorge! I have lost respect for Martin after the shenanigans he pulled on Bagnaia during Practice 2 today at Valencia. "A la Marquez"... not the kind of behavior you would expect from a gentleman racer. Then again, Marquez in Qatar, following Morbidelli during Q1, even when Franco was signalling that he did not want him to do that, Marquez kept staying behind. Ultimately, Franco did not attempt a fast lap. As you would expect Marquez said that whatever Martin did, it was not against the regulations, so it was not unsportsmanlike. Bagnaia needs to go through Q1 again tomorrow; not because of Martin though... Valentino Rossi is coming to Valencia to sort out Luca Marini's replacement for 2024. Uccio initially discarded that VR46 could use Digiannantonio's services since he did not really have the "right" profile for the team. But FDG is fourth on P2 today, while Bastianini, Alex Marquez, Luca Marini, and of course Bagnaia are all in Q1 tomorrow. I am certain Bastianini will certainly try to help Bagnaia to Q2. I don't know if Ciabatti or Tardozzi are going to ask Alex and Luca to take one for the team. They don't have anything to lose if they let Bagnaia through. Let's see what happens during Q1 and Q2 tomorrow.
  17. Thanks for reviving this thread! Both my mirrors have non reflective patches on them. Does anybody know if you can replace the glass part of the mirror? like a company that would cut the glass to exactly fit your mirror?
  18. I did a little more digging on the tire subject, because I found odd that a less than optimal tire could ruin your entire race. In my mind, the pilote should be able to compensate, no? Well, not any more! According to Jorge Martin's interview, and I think it makes sense considering that this is what happened to each and every rider that sorts out a "bad" tire, all the electronics and settings on the bike are "calibrated" around the tire performance. To the point that if your tire does not have the expected grip, it throws out all the programs that makes the most out of the bike, curve after curve, straight after straight. If I am not wrong, the pilot still has its input, but like on any new generation airplane, that input is actually supervised by the onboard computer, based on all the parameters that fluctuate turn by turn, on that particular track. As he stipulated, the rear tire had not the grip the computer was calibrated for, and it took the limit performance from the bike. The same way it happened for Bagnaia the day before, and to many pilots during the season. Michelin said it will review the data from Jorge's bike, but it is too late anyway. That said, Digiannantonio won the race yesterday, and he still is so far, without a motorcycle for next season....
  19. Interesting when most headlights are now white, and no longer yellow. I purchased a replacement led and I renounced to install it, because I liked the old fashioned yellow light. I rarely run at night, so it is acceptable on safety grounds. In France, the law stipulated that you could only have yellow colored head beams. But I think it was purely to avoid blinding the oncoming traffic.
  20. From minus 7 to minus 21.... Martin said his rear tire was the culprit. He was lapping 1 second slower than the front men. Curiously, Bagnaia had a similar issue during the Sprint race. Unless something drastic happens, Martin is out of the title chase in Valencia. How could tires be not uniform across the board? surely Michelin test each and every of them for defects before they are released.
  21. Did anybody notice the new tangential spokes on tubeless rims?
  22. @GuzziMoto I am scratching my head to understand what is happening with Jorge Martin's sudden loss of competitiveness; not going to get into conspiracy theory, but he went from invincible on sprint races.... to a shadow of itself. Bagnaia is still constant in how he performs. We are seeing Fabio DiGiannantonio with strong showings over the last races and practices. I was almost convinced Jorge Martin, in its past/current form was going to ace it to the title, but it seems that something clipped his wings. He seems to have lost all the confidence he had shown up to recently. By the way, that tire pressure penalty system is the kind of rule that will make me stop watching MotoGP. We have had several riders called for "low pressure" during races, they are now exposed to being penalized if it happens again. So what happens on the race track may not reflect reality. This kind of stuff is what deters people from getting an interest! Let's discuss the rumors: -Luca Marini to Honda as Marquez replacement: seems like VR46 would not object to it, giving that the replacement "if", would be Fermin Aldeguer, and the financial penalty to break his 2024 contract with the Speed Up Moto2 team would be born by Honda. -Jack Miller to lose his factory ride to Pedro Acosta: Pit Beirer's said "at this time", we are not considering it; which means it is not completely off the table. -Jorge Martin to replace Enea Bastianini in the factory team; it seems a strong possibility. -Fabio Digiannantonio: too little too late? he seemed to be the sole choice for Honda 2024. Honda is looking around since they know they have a fall back plan.
  23. The Quota ES1100 that I checked out in Idaho had had its FI upgraded by the previous owner. The guy selling it told me the bike did not exhibit any misfire or problems. An 02 sensor would help you improve FI based on the Ethanol contents in the gas, which we know is fluctuating between companies and batches.
  24. I do not disagree; I would like to complete my tires review. My plan is to check the Dunlop next year. Michelin is the only manufacturer to have a dual compound on both front and rear. The others only the rear.
  25. Today I went to MPH to replace my tires; sure enough, the Michelin Road 6 is hard to get. Literally, I will only get a front, which is fine since my rear is still ok at this time; still, I don't get why the Road 6 is not readily available from whatever distributor MPH uses. Earlier this year, I installed the Road 5 for the exact same reason. The Road 6 were on back order. The Road 5 did pretty well, including longevity. I wanted to check out the 6 before trying other brands.
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