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  1. Thanks, doing that now
  2. Sorry I'm just now seeing this - I'm not on the forum very often. I'll take one. Thanks for making another run of them!
  3. Ken if you're talking about the extended shift arm part I checked on those last year and none were available.
  4. Marc, mine is a lot better now but honestly still not perfect. All went back together fine with the new spring and it seemed to be adjusted well, but still at times the shift lever will stay in the down position and I have to let the clutch out to get the lever to pop back into the normal position. I noticed this was getting worse the last time I rode it a week or so ago and need to look into it further, but I'm expecting at this point it is due to a clearance issue with the shift lever/linkage and the frame or sideplate piece. Its a very narrow range of adjustment (at least on my bike) that allows the lever/linkage to fully move through the range it should but not hit anything that might cause it to hang up. Everything internally in the shift selector mechanism on mine seems ok.
  5. I received the link in an email and it works now, thanks! The mounting instructions look like its a fairly straightforward install, with the rear inner fender needing to be trimmed to allow the Ventura crossmember brackets to protrude through it. Doesn't look like an issue and probably not really visible when the mount isn't on the bike. I'll order one and send pics!
  6. Thanks docc. p6x - PayPal (via their normal fund transfers - NOT Friends/Family) will refund a payment if the seller doesn't ship the product, or if you can prove to PayPal that you didn't get what you paid for. In my experience they lean heavily toward protecting the buyer and not the seller. I'm guessing this is because if I use a credit card to fund the PayPal purchase, and I request a refund from PayPal and they deny me, then I can challenge the payment with the credit card provider and Visa will freeze the funds which are now PayPal's. So instead of having their own money frozen, PayPal will freeze the funds from the seller and make them prove the buyer got what they paid for. Its a pain, and leaves honest sellers open to dishonest buyers with little recourse, but it beats Venmo/CashApp/etc where the money is just gone. The wire transfer does prove the person has a US bank account, but if they don't follow through, the money is still gone and now its up to you to try and get it back. I had a bad experience with a guy in Texas (no offense ) who I actually sent the $1200 item to with the agreement he'd pay when it arrived. 8 months of excuses: "Sorry but I had to sell that bike... medical issues... can't find the stuff you sent anymore... Lost my job and have no money...", I finally got pissed enough to exhaust my Google skills finding info on him. I got his wife to send the money after I called her at her work and threatened to call all of her co-workers and her boss to tell them she's married to a thief. All that to say, even with someone in the US its hard to get money back. I used to be much more trusting (obviously, given the story above) but unfortunately there's just too many scammers out there. You can usually tell if someone is legit by asking a few questions that require moto-specific knowledge to answer properly, asking for pictures and/or getting on the phone with them. If they send pics that are already on the internet somewhere, its not real. If they won't talk on a phone, its not real. I've had buyers ask me to send a pic with their name on a piece of paper next to the thing I'm selling and as a seller, I was happy to do that.
  7. Thanks for the link, I tried it but I had to request access, so you may get a request regarding this. I will likely buy the Ventura sport rack with mounts and will send pics when its installed. Like I said, I had that same rack on my Tuono and it was well made and did what I want a rack to do. But yeah - ugly, even with just the mounts (and no rack) on the bike. Oh well, can't have everything.
  8. Thanks for the Ventura pointer. I had one of those (the Sport Rack) on an Aprilia Tuono and it worked well - it would fit a Givi mounting plate so I could carry a trunk. Didn't think to see if they were still selling them for the Lemans. Naturally I just sold the Aprilia rack cheap, without thinking I could use the actual rack piece (not the mounting ears) on the Guzzi. Oh well, looks like I'll buy a new one. Thanks all!
  9. Not sure if we can make this a 'sticky' thread or not... This is the second time I've seen this scam - the other one was on a different motorcycle related forum like this one. I posted a "want to buy" (for the V11 rear rack - thanks for the tips there) and got a response from someone using the scotsimson01 ID: Hey buddy, I recently got some items from Carlos and he is willing to sell some V11 rear rack. You can email at carlosmaldonado60@aol.com if he still has it. I looked and that ID was registered right after I posted the "Wanted" note and his bike selection is "Harley Davidson" which seems a bit odd on a Guzzi forum... Having seen this before, I knew it was a scam, but to see how it would go I emailed the aol address and he sent a pic of a V11 rear rack that is on Google images. I asked if he'd take PayPal and he said yes but only Friends and Family (no way to recoup the money when someone rips you off with F&F PayPal, similar to Venmo CashApp etc). I said I want to use PayPal as a purchase so I will get my money back in case it doesn't arrive and he says no, only F&F. Anyways, definitely a scam. Admin - you may want to disable this account, but its not like that will stop him from registering a new one.
  10. Still looking for one. Thanks
  11. Well shoot, a lot of good my "Want to buy - V11 rear rack" post does in the Wanted section...
  12. Heat may also help free up that nut.
  13. Wow, 12 pages... I'll look through it before getting into the job. Thanks again.
  14. On the rear stand (bike level) there's no leak, it only leaks when on the side stand but seems to be leaking out from the bottom of the assembly towards the inside (not out the right side). I'll replace both the seal and o-ring and go from there. Thanks docc.
  15. No not in my underwear, but on my 03 Lemans. I have gear oil leaking from the rear end and it ends up dripping onto the wheel when its on the sidestand. Anyways looking at the parts fiche there's an o-ring (part 24 in the diagram) and a seal (part 27). I should probably just replace both, but if one of these is a common failure, can you let me know, or if neither of these is the likely culprit please chime in. Thanks.
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