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  1. This sister is a really beautiful one. Impressed to see a bike looking so fresh after all these years.
  2. Ferry is crossing the neckar river few miles west from Heidelberg at a quite emblematic spot before the river flows further west into the Rhine.
  3. Yes I tested slicks and heaters. Old man getting crazy i guess
  4. Beautiful sunlight helps to highlight the paint scheme
  5. Hello docc, Can you register T078 to me. i got the beauty handed over from the initial owner with the help of Reinhard B├Ącker (https://motoguzzi-baecker.de/firmenprofil/).
  6. I unloaded this new companion to my good old black buddy. Hope we all age gracefully together Black buddy will get some nice carbon parts and a new Lightscreen to feel proper next to T078.
  7. she owned a 1100 California Jackal but liked to goof around with my Quota. She tried the V11 too but never found the confidence in city without having big handlebars.
  8. another centennial documentary about Moto Guzzi done by the community of Mandello del Lario with a different perspective that i found interesting. and i also liked the sound of lombardian italian voices
  9. Part 2 is even better - [you need to switch Caption to automatic english translation] and yes i always kiss the holy ground after i jumped ship successfully
  10. a true bulldog bike shopped used for 600bucks in 2009 - living in a friends farm house in northwest spain now - only 10kms to the atlantic coast. The GB 500 was my initial dream bike !!!! - but as usual totally unaffordable in those days for poor me - 10000 DM was the sticker price Honda dealers asked for in 1992. I drove the 3000km from here to Santiago de Compostela in three and a half days through rain and fog. Today it is , according to the spanish Honda Classic Club, one of 6 XBRs registered in Spain. Cause in the 80ies Spain was not Honda Country as it is today. As outcome of Franco politics they started importing foreign bikes in 1986. Before Guzzi was the only "foreign" brand known. Argentino and guzzi owner De Tomaso had a factory and deal with "el Caudillo and his gang".
  11. initially wanted the black edition - but then i spotted the Maico 500 sticker on the swingarm and i knew the first owner was my type of guy
  12. this is how bike hording starts - you are mentally not able to depart with your totally dead old horse
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