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    2002 V11 Scura #382 2012 V7 Racer #204 ........I can think of nothing but this machine. James Watt (1736-1819)

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  1. Here's another dumb question while I am at it. Which is the #1 cylinder and why?
  2. I'm not a hydraulic engineer and don't want to be one. So I ask hoping and expecting correction. Regardless of possible range of motion of the slave cylinder, it's the volume displaced by the master cylinder that determines how far it moves. In other words it can't move further than the master cylinder can push. Do I have that right? thx
  3. Does anyone know or have a reference as to how far the clutch rod has to move to disengage the pressure plate? Different for single or twin disc clutch?
  4. Hey DOCC, I like the Oberon. Lifetime warranty, super fancy seal design and many shiny colors. About $150USD As I recall AF1 wanted $25 for a new Aprilia cylinder but said it would take four months to get I would be honored to have my contribution added to our august assembly. Truly, I am humbled
  5. A company called Oberon makes a billet version, lifetime warranty, p/n CLU-2800 The smart guys on here will determine if the stock pushrod will work. I have to make a new one anyway, so it's irrelevant to me. We knew somebody else had to use that cylinder
  6. A drawing showing how much travel. I assume the bottom of the piston never comes past the bottom seal.
  7. I only dimensioned the differences Oddly the cylinder off my bike had no spring It fits like it should on the trans.
  8. The exterior dimensions are identical. The bolt circle, body diameters and steps, bores, etc. The Aprilia part only uses one port. One would need a banjo bolt with a bleeder on it. I find that acceptable There are some other differences.
  9. It seems all is well. Did careful measurement using depth mics and using the trans/engine case split as the datum. There's 3mm+ before the splines can touch the pressure plate. So, that seems good. The hole in the pushrod button on the new RAM pressure plate is 6mm. I modified my 8mm pushrod to fit which makes it reversible. I didn't dry fit the trans because I'm pretty sure it's fine. I'm waiting on the o-ring that goes on the splined shaft under the clutch hub from Harpers. Curtis is also sending the clutch slave. Then I can confirm pushrod length. So far all is good. I got a little excited. Thanks to everyone for all the help!
  10. 2002 Scura 11k miles replaced original aluminum single plate clutch with new RAM clutch assy from MG Cycle (good folks) waited forever for new 6spd clutch hub also from MG Cycle. see it in the picture next to the original they are dimensionally identical except for the 6mm longer external splines on the new guy. it appears to be too long to even allow the trans to mate with the bell housing. i suppose i have to machine off 6mm, which i am annoyed but okay with i searched but didn't find this precisely but my seasrch-fu is weak anyone come across this? thank you
  11. my search-fu is weak, both online and here has anyone tracked down the coppa italia color codes, or something close? thank you! cdr
  12. it would require a new camshaft, no? not sure i would call it an improvement. the pipes are cool.
  13. ....suppose this was inevitable my apologies if already posted
  14. Cool. I will go to pms and confirm address and get stuff out asap. I'm rural so I don't get into town every day. I will keep you informed. Honestly, the clutch hub would have been a paperweight for you. The wrench will be useful. All right. That was easy. Thanks to all! cdr
  15. because I'm an idiot I bought a five speed clutch hub wrench, as shown it too, is useless to me the other picture shows it overlaid on the RAM (six speed) clutch hub. the pic is terrible, but they are not the same here's a possible solution. I can send the wrench to 80CX (which is something he can use) I can send the hermaphrodite clutch hub to Tom whatever 80CX wants cdr
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