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  1. That's my dopamine hit for the week They are on and (basically) adjusted. Should be fine. They are long on purpose. I will shorten as necessary when I fit them. Venhill USA has everything for the cablemaker in the shed. Buy extras of everything because trial and error is going to happen I hope everyone has a peaceful and blessed holiday. cdr
  2. Yes it's a Ballabio triple tree. But the engraving is nicer than the foil sticker that was on the Scura triple tree. I mean, come on Guzzi. This bike is taking forever. Even a small victory, like getting this insignificant detail done, really cheers me up. My old boss had a saying for when everything was going smoothly. "Like a well-oiled symphony." I hope it is so for you. cdr
  3. drool as old iron Jake used to say, that's sex on the prowl
  4. Found this on ebay. In NZ of all places. Bought it, 12x18, $30 shipped. I wish they sold a larger size I have a big wall Who else thinks these were prettier than the V11? Minus the colostomy bag.
  5. Thanks 80csx. Macrae does wonderful work. He's out of my league. A 24x36 print is in the $400 range. I would if I could And I saw no Guzzis in his catalog. If money were no object tho, the Lost Singapore Black Lightning would be on the way.
  6. I'm looking for vintage (60s-70s) racing posters and V11 fine art photo pinups to decorate with. Like the low-res example. Sites like etsy are out. I refuse to join Ebay is also unsatisfactory. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on where to look. Thanks in advance.
  7. Speedfrog: yours if you want them! shoot me your shipping info on an IM I believe omobono in equivalent to goodman. That was far too easy
  8. Two each intake boots, new. GU 0111 4390
  9. Who is this man and why is his hair so fabulous. Easy one for the Guzzisti. Good for the kids to learn. First in the continental US who posts the answer correctly gets the prize. I will put in priority mail envelope. Picture of "prize" in next post
  10. Ugh. "parts pros" not "power parts" sorry
  11. Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in anything. I'm not going to link or even capitalize proper nouns. If you're interested you will figure it out. I searched for "elk" and "elk grove" and found nothing. So here goes. I found elk grove power parts in January. They are a piaggiao dealer and had good prices on Guzzi parts. I ordered a bunch of stuff and waited. And waited. They say up front it happens on piaggio time. But if piaggio shows it as a good part number it will show up. And waited. I figured I'd get my money back if nothing else. Behold. Stuff finally showed up. New seat for under one fifty. New Ballabio brake and clutch hoses under a c-note each. New production lights and turn signals cheaper than you can buy used on ebay. There is still stuff back ordered but I figure they are the real deal. The first name of the special order parts man is bishop. He's been good to me and I will inform him of this post so he can check it out. That's all I got. God bless, go in peace cdr
  12. R.I.P. Bob 07/29/2012 to 07/07/2022 Sorry for the sad coda but Bob is worthy. He loved a good meatball.
  13. Then a friend gave me this DT 125. My life is now complete. I'm going to get my contact info to Phil so we can get his box shipped when he is ready. And I owe someone for a part I bought on here. I need to take care of that. But that's it for my participation in this thread. When parts for the V11 finally arrive and progress is made we shall return. Until then, my love goes out to my fellow Guzzisti
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