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  2. I need a complete set of bar end weights for a 2003 guzzi lemans. condition is not terribly important. thanks
  3. thank you very much, I'm getting past the financial hit and taking it as a steep learning curve about buying bikes online. in reality I am very excited about this bike. I have rescued numerous sport bikes, so the condition doesn't scare me. what really impresses me about guzzi ownership is the owners. So far the people I have met are very passionate about their bikes. I don't think there is any other brand with so many one owner bikes. Fortunately for me i have two fantastic guzzi dealers within a few hundred miles of me. i will post up more pictures and details when i get the bike home. thanks!!
  4. well, I'm new here so I will introduce myself. I've been active in sport bikes for years, and have owned at least one of every japanese crotch rocket, and a few ducatis, but never a guzzi. i currrently have 6 bikes in the garage, and was scrolling through sale adds late and night and discovered this guy on a copart auction. as i am a complete and utter moron, i didn't read the terms and conditions. my "winning" bid of $650, turned into $1800 after auction fees, broker fees, and doc fees. the true kick in the gut came when the broker hit me with a $2200 shipping charge, making my $650 bike a $4121 purchase. of course this was all spelled out in the fine print, that i didn't read. i'm trying to make the best of it, as i am truly excited about the bike https://carsfromwest.com/en/lot/copart-42837292
  5. I looked into this bike, seems like a fair deal. it is a consignement bike. the tachometer is not working and the seller refuses to fix, or take any less.
  6. is that a good price? the bike looks super clean
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