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  1. The Guy with the Trike got a very mixed commentary on face book which is to be expected ...and gave out as good as he got which is his right.Sad waste of time, skill and money AFIC. "Merda d'artista "
  2. I'm firmly in that camp too AudioMick hence my personal dislike of choppers, bobers and many custom builds. I think the Arts and craft movement early in the 20th C had it pretty much right in terms of balance and that's what I suspect a lot of builders are now trying to emulate but with added 21 st C ego .Taking the guzzi trike as an extreme example we can see just where the ego can lead to: impractical and pointless modifications just so the builder/owner can show off exclusivity and make heads turn. An awful lot of art has exactly the same motivation as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Funny co incidence that this thread is running and then his bike shows up for sale https://www.leboncoin.fr/offre/motos/2370559273 It's the same bike as on the short youtube video but the original "silencer" has been replaced. That's the third of the 17 Baja's made that I've seen up for sale over a span of 15 or so years and each time the price goes down which in some ways surprises me due to the rarity of them.But as one friend says , they are basically very tall smallblocs ! I'm unsure of the final drive ratio as the whole rear end UJ downwards is big bloc...the rest being a 500 ratio gearbox mated to a 650 engine.As far as I know no special tuning either.This one looks as if it has the standard plastic NTX tank on it...some of the baja's had hand beaten very large capacity aluminum ones.
  4. p6x BTW the Frog and Rosbif has been reproducing itself rather vigorously : https://www.frogpubs.com/pub-the-frog-rosbif-paris-1.php
  5. I'm ethnically challenged p6x !!!! A foot in both camps and brought up in both...now settled in France for good . It's always amused me to se that both nationalities have real issues with the others culinary culture but most of those are founded in ignorance.Out of the two , French cuisine is far more refined,varied and rich but personally there are as many French dishes that I don't eat as English ones.Offal and fish based meals in particular.
  6. https://ibb.co/D7vkbpz https://ibb.co/BL3Txc0 As new and unused :50 euros plus freight from France.\ chris at loondon.co.uk Cheers
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