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  1. Yes, it's the #3 fuse. He had the R/R die on him so he replaced that with an SH775 unit, and the stator with a Ducati energia unit. So I'm trying to restore the OEM harness as far as is possible.
  2. No i just want to get those little 2 blocks off of the large fuse block so that I can separate the 2 sections of the wiring harness and get at the underside of the 3rd fuse slot and replace the missing connectors so that the fuse goes back where it belongs. This spliced in inline replacement unit laying around back there looks like some amateur got in there with a monkey wrench. So the question remains... how do I release those first 2 small fuse blocks from the main fuse block.
  3. It is these front 2 fuse holders that I'd like to remove from the fuse block. Any idea how to release them?
  4. I'm needing to repair some wiring on the backside the fuse block. I'd like to at least pull the 2 fwd blocks that are set into the fuse block. Also I'd like to pull some of the actual wire connectors but I cannot figure out how to release these parts. Anyone??
  5. I'd rather sort out a bad transmission than a wiring harness that the PO "fixed" ! Can anyone help me out with this PO mod under the seat. There's a red wire coming from the OEM harness that the PO inline fused to a red/green pair from the OEM harness. This pair is one red with green trace and one red with green trace. Also, there appears to be one open spot in the fuse box. Might these be related?
  6. BrianG

    V11S Canbus

    I'm looking to avoid trouble . Canbus makes me crazy in my 2004 Thunderbird, and I'm not interested in reproducing that trouble on a motorcycle.
  7. BrianG

    V11S Canbus

    I cannot find any reference to this question anywhere here, so simply, do the V11 series utilize a Canbus control system for fueling or any other onboard system?
  8. I trapped the front wheel in the wheel chock and just supported the bike on the oil pan.
  9. My previous one had these mounting brackets. Anyone holding a set they's part with?
  10. I have received the NOS Givi bikini fairing and hardware from Harpers, but there were no mounting instructions. (pics of what I received) I have tried all of the orientations that I can imagine and I cannot get a fit. Has anyone got one of these mounted and can post up some pictures of the mounting?
  11. Thanks guys. It turns out that Harper's had NOS original Givi fly screen in black, hiding on the back shelf somewhere. It's now hanging on my back shelf awaiting installation.
  12. I'm not familiar with that fairing or its mounting. Can you post pics or email them to bgushaty@gushaty.com
  13. That's interesting information. What would you be asking for this piece?
  14. It seems that the part number is 01003240 not the 01003202 that yours is. But thanks for the offer. Brian G
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