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    Rosso Corsa (Sold) - Coppa Italia (Sold) - Stornello Sport (Sold) - Triumph T140V - BMW R1200RT
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    I'm a Former naval aviator who likes Oklahoma State University athletics; Brittany Spaniels and bird hunting; handguns; rifles; Italian and British motorcycles; vintage Schwinn and English bicycles; flora and fauna; and last but not least, I really love my wife since March 1974.

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  1. orangeokie


  2. Very nice choice. Those '04-'05 are bullet proof and trouble free. Enjoy!
  3. Tanks are 99-02 and 03-05. The tank bag pictured is for the 03-05.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous V11. Especially like the Alpinas!
  5. Well, it looks like I'm coming to the end of the road with motorcycles. I just don't ride anymore and now my fancy is turning to flying, so my pride and joy is up for auction to anyone in the lower 48 who is interested. Listed it in the classifieds on here with a link to the ebay auction. Warm Regards to this great forum and to Jaap!
  6. Tod, there is nothing more exhilarating than being out of the rider activity for decades then make your grand entrance on such a superb motorcycle. I did the same thing about eight years ago, started on an Aprillia SL Mille, then moved to a Lemans Rosso Corsa, then on to my Coppa Italia. Enjoys!
  7. Nice vid and music. BTW, what is that black hose looking thing blocking your view of your tach?
  8. Hi OO, you are in OKC? I am in Edmond. I don't recall meeting you or seeing you at OK Guzzi Chowdown or Tuesday BLHOT dinner.

    I have a green V11 sport.

  9. Yep, ebay is the only way to find out how much it is worth. Only question is will you list it without a reserve and see what the market will bear.
  10. Not even a close comparison . . . go with the Scura.
  11. I've done plenty of business with AF1 and recommend these aluminum caps. (You can click the pic for link.) Aprilia and Guzzi share several parts.
  12. Bad luck Jaap. Would a good radar detector have helped?
  13. Even the little wifey has taken a liking to the little Stornello. It really is a fun little jewel. I bought it to eventually re-sell it, but now it is growing on me. Would be the perfect "around town" bike when me and the little lady retire to Spain in a couple of years.
  14. I didn't really need this but it caught my eye and followed me home.
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