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  1. Got to poke around today.Yep,fiddle with that relay and she comes to life.Can't isolate which connection is failing tho,...I guess beefing up the whole block is in order....
  2. Thanks Docc,this will help if the relay board is not the issue...
  3. Thanks Chuck,the bike has never been molested by me or previous/original owner.I will check connections are switchgear if the relay board is not the issue but when this originally happened I pulled the board and massaged it,it came to life,so going to focus on that first then move on to other options...Thanks!
  4. Replaced all relays to new Ormon,just cuz,....NO FUEL PUMP...,I'll pull relay block again and see if working it a bit brings the pump back to life as it did before. Where do I check to see if volts are getting to relay block and pump.Just want to make sure volts are coming from ECU and then past relay to pump... Thanks!
  5. Directly from the Piaggio guys last week,who will gobble them up for promotions,the shipment is due in December...
  6. Just got back,...HOLY SH!TT that was an amazing trip and I have been on many.That bike is incredible,will do a review of it with a summary of the tour at some point.Can not stress how well organized and fun the tour was and everything was first class.Incredible value.They also offer these in Europe.They lose money on these and approach it as a promotional tool to get the brand into the public's eye and offer a discount to all attendees if they decide to buy one....I am a solo rider and fiercely independent so would never consider an organized tour,usually solo or occasionally with 1,2 riders I know well and trust but this soo good and a steal of deal I would do it again and again...Oh and Docc,...you may get your wish...shipment of V100's are due in Dec and "The Experience" has first dibs before dealers...
  7. Just for reference,I addressed notchy shifting and false neutrals,with replacing single plate clutch to twin plate,changing spring and opening pre-selector assembly numerous times (spring had already been updated with newer spring) and multitude of control adjustments ...nothing made a difference,for yucks,took a whole pre-selector assembly off a complete transmission I bought cheap,just in case,and she shifted like new.maybe reassembling old pre-selector unit and greasing and checking for anything amiss may make it good again,but it hadn't been touched and went from proper shifting to bad shifting in a short period,may be worth keeping it as a possibility something may be slightly out of spec in there...
  8. If I waited for the MGS-01 Experience I'd never go anywhere,...it's about the ride,riding a new generation Guzzi is a plus bit not necessary....Although you live near the best roads in the East,Cali is the best of the West and best weather of the year for them!
  9. So would it be safe to say you're not going Docc?... https://www.motoguzzi.com/us_EN/mg-exp-2022/
  10. A friend and I are attending the tour and just wondering if any members are also...
  11. And similarities to the ugliest modern Guzzi's ever...The Centauro...
  12. I like what they're suggesting for specs but that jelly mold bodywork is horrid,....Hopefully it's closer to a Norge as it had decent modern lines....
  13. Lots of good suggestions but I would recommend going to a track day....You'll learn more about the bike and how to position your body than years on the road...the geometry of riding is the same on all bikes,just very subtle variations and change of input from one to the other....
  14. Ordered some 5-pin Ormon Form C relays so I'll update them when I get it and do a few local test rides to shake her down,but I least I know where to look if I don't hear fuel pump click...thanks!
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