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  1. I have a friend who is looking for a nice V11… Did this bike get sold or does the offer still stand?
  2. Roads, Ribs, Refreshments, Rooms, Repairs and Rocking chairs. Perfect !!!
  3. Great job documenting the trips. You should get an iron man award for that 800 mile day, wow.
  4. Docc , you had asked if I had any more info on my Silvery… Here is the sales literature for my 2001 “V11 SportCF Special Edition”. It does say “Available in North America only”. I couldn’t find any references to it online, I just had the printed page from 2003 in a file at home.
  5. I’ am in ! I am officially committed to this plan or any variation of it. The lodge location sounds ideal in many ways, as in they have food, beds, showers and many rooms. The area in general has many great roads too. Let’s ride !!! <
  6. Missed you at the mgnoc rally in Kentucky. I heard you dropped in on your way to the mutton run.
  7. Just for fun and because I had some spare 3M automotive wrap in carbon fiber pattern, I wrapped the seat cowl. I like it. It’s removable though.
  8. I don’t know all the details but I saw it on literature called either cafe carbon or carbon cafe. Numbers ? By whom ? And the fender and side covers I brought to a paint shop and had them clear coated, gloss. I like it better and will take the fly screen next and have it done. That’s why in the picture they appear black. They don’t look black in person.
  9. Haha They don’t have coffee ever at that location, but we rounded some Java up elsewhere. I made it the rest of the way home dry. No more than two minutes after I walked in the door a sudden downpour began. Perfect timing !!! Thanks for the escort to familiar territory.
  10. Ahhh October 7th - 9th. It’s doable for me. 👍
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