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  1. I bought it on a market in St Petersburg Russia..it even has CCCP written on the glass..i think its from an old Ural
  2. A dyno run on Henk's dyno is excellent ,so we can compare a bit because mine was done there too. If im in Holland at the time of the Italday i will go there for sure..weather permitting off course. But looking at my schedule now i dont think i can make it.
  3. Me like The exhaust also turned out well,nice deep sound and it looks really good. Are you going to set it up on a Dyno later?,im rather curious about the test results with the exhaust.
  4. I have steepened the head angle by 2 degrees on a similar chassis and im riding hard without a steering damper... Dont repair it..just take it off It doesnt need it
  5. Thanks The gas cap is a pop up one.. You push it in twist it and it pops out The gauge is this one.. Only the older type but the same functions MGL TP1
  6. Nice but the angle of the exhausts is horrible... horrendous.. Please let somebody tell the owner to cut the pipes and shift them up and inward ...allot. Because the lines of the bike are totally ruined because of it..
  7. The 125hp version wil already make you a poor man.. Im not sure but i think it wil be something in the region of 8000$ Camshafts Bigger valves headwork (porting ect) Connecting rods Bigbore cillinders forged pistons balancing Oilpump modification Powercommander or equivilant Exhaust system? manual labour inc usage of the workshop equipment (mill, lathe ect) ect ect It could even be more than 8000$ Its personal, but for me its not worth it.......i rather spend it on the chassis,wheels,forks,brakes,shock ect
  8. Interesting stuff.. Paul do you have the timing diagram of the MGS cam compared to the A cam? (i think my 93 daytona engine has the A as stock) The bike runs out of puff above 8000rpm,and has plentyfull below so trade some bottom power for top end would be no problem.
  9. Thanks, Im in south america now enjoying the sunshine. The bike is stored on a heated floor in my house... because blank aluminium and moisture dont go well together.. When im back in europe we wil start on the subframe and swingarm.. all the material i allready have so its only a matter of designing and building the d#mn things...
  10. Nice weather so preparing the old girl for a ride
  11. Its a swallower guzzi,search the net and you will find that they build some amazing guzzis for BOTT racing here in europe. 2 brothers from Holland made them and i was talking to one of the brothers a few weeks ago on a cafe racer meeting in Holland,while looking at my Daytona. He is the one building the unfinshed bike in the pics,it felt rather good that he was intersted in my bike and how we made and modified it with performance and handling in mind not just the looks.
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