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  1. I’m fortunate to have the best riding buddy ever, she rides the Honda CB 400 Super Four, which an awesome bike, & I’m on the Cafe Sport. We went camping down to the south west of Western Australia for a few days, it’s winter over here so it gets chilly in the evenings, we needed rain gear at times, but that didn’t put us off. The roads down here are lovely & bendy, the scenery is great & with a wood fire plus roasted marshmallows in the evenings., it was just the best. Another trip is currently being planned..
  2. I never liked the look of Guzzi’s when I was a teenager riding Yamaha & Suzuki two stroke twins & triples in the 80’s & 90’s, I used to think the proportions were all wrong on Guzzi’s of that vintage. That was until one day I saw a Daytona parked in a car park, I had to go over & take a closer look, “wow” I thought “ that’s a Moto Guzzi,.. they can get it right.!” I loved the muscular stance of it & walked away pretty impressed. A few years later I was looking for a bike & was intent on a Ducati 1098, although after a test ride I thought, “I’ll lose my licence on this for sure”. A few days later I spied a Coppa Italia in the window of a local Guzzi dealer, I had to go & check it out. I was quite smitten but unable to afford it, the dealer did however have a 2004 Cafe Sport for sale which I could afford, I took it for a test ride & loved it, I thought then & still think now that there is no better sounding motorcycle, particularly with the cat removed & some nice pipes fitted. Mine has a mistral crossover & nice pair of Australian made Staintunes, & imho it sounds like a symphony!. I’ve owned it for the last thirteen years & the more I ride it the more I love it, dropping it deep into a bend scraping my boot off the road & opening it right up on the exit is just the best..
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  4. My 04 cafe sport is shod with Michelin PR4 on the rear & Pilot Power on the front, I find it a great combo, the PP is a bit more tippy than the PR which I like on the twistys, however my KTM 1190 has conti attacks front n rear and they’re also excellent although a bit more ‘spendy’ at purchase time. I'll definitely consider them for the Guzzi next time around.
  5. ZGUKTB0103M111587 ‘04, Perth, Western Australia Standard apart from Mistral cross over, mistral pipes, Mike Rich pistons & Power Commander. Michelin Pilot road 4 rear & Pilot Power front - a great combo.
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